Ukraine exported 2.3 mln tonnes of agricultural products in FH of January




During the first 15 days of January, Ukraine exported 2.3 mln tonnes of agricultural products, down from 3.6 mln tonnes for the first 18 days of December, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine informed.

"Since the start of the war, Ukraine has exported 41.3 mln tonnes of agricultural products, including almost 9 mln tonnes of wheat, 16.7 mln tonnes of corn, 3.4 mln tonnes of sunflower oil”, – the ministry said.

For the first half of January, corn export amounted to 1.1 mln tonnes, down by 500 thsd tonnes m/m. Wheat shipments nearly halved at 437 thsd tonnes.

Shipments of soybeans and meals totaled 199 thsd tonnes each. Export of meal increased by 53 thsd tonnes, supplies of soybean decreased by 39 thsd tonnes.

Export of sunflower oil reduced to 148 thsd tonnes, down from 303 thsd tonnes by mid-December.

The volume of shipments of sunflower seed decreased to 93 thsd tonnes (230 thsd tonnes by mid-December).

Export of barley declined by 26 thsd tonnes m/m to 72 thsd tonnes.

Rapeseed deliveries decrease by 4 times, as the export season for this crop is almost completed, to 44 thsd tonnes.

Soybean oil export remained virtually unchanged m/m at 11 thsd tonnes.

For 15 days of January, the export of agricultural products from Ukraine included 48.29% of corn, 18.76% of wheat, 6.36% of sunflower oil, 4% of sunflower seed, 1.89% of rapeseed, 8.56% of meals, 3.11% of barley, 8.54% of soybean, 0.47% of soybean oil.

Ukraine exported 1.7 mln tonnes of products via ports (sea and river), 486 thsd tonnes by rails, 166 thsd tonnes by roads and 18 thsd tonnes by ferries.