"Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2017"



October 26


From 9:00 – Registration of participants. Morning coffee

9:45-10:00 – Official opening of the conference. Welcoming speeches of the organizers, sponsors


10:00-12:35 – Session 1. Medium-term prospects of the Black Sea market of oilseeds and vegetable oils. High-oleic market

Moderator – Mariya Solyanik, Managing partner, Amadeus Marine


10:00-10:20 – Ukrainian market of oilseeds and its by-products: current trends

Stepan Kapshuk, General Director, association Ukroliyaprom

10:20-11:05 – Business solutions from Syngenta for development of the sunflower business in Ukraine

Sergei Tymoshenko, Head on development of business solutions for agricultural processing in the CIS countries, Syngenta

Gennady Malina, Crop manager on development of oilseeds and sugar beet sectors, Syngenta

Roman Khripko, Business development manager, Syngenta

11:05-11:25 – Analyses of the strengths of high-oleic sunflower oil for the human body compared with olive and other veg oils, and such animal fats as lard

Eugene Kutcenko, Owner of the innovative-engineering company DANKEN

11:25-11:45 – When you are wrong in a trade dispute: how to save commodity/money and/or business relations?

Ekaterina Gadetskaya, Lawyer, Interlegal, International law offices

11:45-12:05 – Railway transportation in Ukraine: challenges & looking for alternatives

Mariya Solyanik, Managing partner, Amadeus Marine

12:05-12:20 – Exports of oilseeds and its by-products in containers. Season challenges - 2017/18

Pavel Mirzak, Associate partner, GOL

12:20-12:35 – Electric power supply for enterprises of the fat-and-oil industry

Alexander Semenenko, Director, Trading Electric Company LLC


12:35-13:35 – Lunch


13:40-16:00 – Session 2. Current condition and prospects of development of the global market of oilseeds and vegetable oils

Moderator – Sandeep Bajoria, President, Sunvin Group


13:40-14:00 – India as the largest importer of Ukrainian sunflower oil

Sandeep Bajoria, President, Sunvin Group

14:00-14:20 – Chinese market of sunflower oil

Tu Changming, Vice-Chairman, China National Grain & Oil Association

14:20-14:40 – EU: current condition and prospects of the vegetable oils market

Olivier Bouillet, CEO, Agritel International

14:40-15:00 – Gulf market of vegoils and sunflower oil

Jay M. Desai, CEO & Founder, J&P Trading FZE

15:00-15:20 – Features of sunflower lecithin consumption on the European market: prospects for using

Sergiy Shulga, PhD in Technical Sciences, Deputy Director for R&D, Institute for Food Biotechnology and Genomics at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

15:20-15:40 – Ukrainian oilseed meal on the market of Belarus: consumer preferences & work features

Igor Korotchenya, Managing director on the region Belarus, LLC Sodrugestvo

15:40-16:00 – Production and promotion of rapeseed oil in the EU countries, including Poland

Ewa Myśliwiec, Director, Polish Association of Oil Producers


16:00-16:30 – Coffee-break


16:30-17:30 – Session 3. Market of alternative oilseeds (soybeans, rapeseed): current condition, development prospects

Moderator – Irina Shadyuk, Head of marketing department, Astarta-Kyiv


16:30-16:50 – Belarusian market of rapeseed oil

Sergei Osiychuk, Commercial Director, Agroproduct LTD

16:50-17:10 – Soybean boom in Ukraine: cause or consequence

Irina Shadyuk, Head of marketing department, Astarta-Kyiv

17:10-17:30 – Market of soybeans and its by-products in Ukraine and the world: current condition, prospects for development

Oksana Prosolenko, Regional director, Danube Soya


14:00-15:15 – Workshops from the Legal Partner of the conference

Conference-hall "London"


14:00-14:30 – Workshop 1. Non-resident companies in the global trade

Irina Voyevodina, Partner, Interlegal, International law offices

  • Offshore and onshore companies - jurisdiction news
  • Bank accounts for non-resident companies - changes & trends
  • Tax information exchange and disclosure of beneficiaries

14:45-15:15 – Workshop 2. Risk management in seizure of cargoes at the terminals and losses on shipment blocking

Artem Skorobogatov, Partner, Interlegal, International law offices

  • Problem of illegal blocking of agricultural cargoes in the ports
  • Scenarios: prohibition, seizure, detention
  • Features and troubles in discharge of agricultural cargoes
  • Recommendations for traders and exporters


Afterparty (club "Sorry, Babushka")