"Fat-and-Oil Industry-2021", Odessa, Ukraine
Nov 3, 2021

EU sunflower seed processing to hit record high in 2021/22 MY




Sunflower seed processing may reach a record high 9 mln tonnes in the EU in 2021/22 MY due to higher crop at 10.5 mln tonnes (8.9 mln tonnes harvested in 2020), Oil World forecasts.

Particularly, Romania will raise the sunflower seed production to 2.96 mln tonnes (+43% year-on-year), France - 1.9 mln tonnes (+18%), Bulgaria - 2.01 mln tonnes (+16%) and Hungary - 1.8 mln tonnes (+8%).

At the same time, higher sunflower seed crop may cut the imports of the oilseed to 3 years low 0.62 mln tonnes. Mainly, there will be lower import from Russia.

Larger sunflower seed production will stimulate the oilseed export as well that can amount to 8 year high 750 thsd tonnes (+14%).

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