World-known producer of analytical equipment - sponsor the conference "AOCS Oils and Fats: World Market Update 2013"




11The world-known producer of analytical equipment - the company Bruker became the sponsor of the conference AOCS Oils and Fats: World Market Update 2013", to be held in Kiev on April 3-4, 2013, in the national center of business and cultural cooperation "Ukrainian House".

While participating in such conference in Ukraine for the first time, especially under the auspices of the AOCS – organization, which develops standards for the analysis, used all over the world, the company Bruker is aware of the great importance of obtaining fast and accurate analysis results both in the laboratory and during the production process. Bruker is one of the leaders of analytical instrumentation in the world. In particular, the company already positively approved itself on the fat-and-oil market, offering NMR-relaxometers and infra-red rapid-response analyzer for quality control of the full range of products: oilseeds, oilseed cakes, meals, oils, fats, mayonnaise, sauces, margarine, soap-stocks, and much more, i.e. for the whole range of raw materials, intermediate and finished commodities.

In recent years, alongside with the qualitative laboratory analyzers, fat-and-oil enterprises have the need to receive more information about the quality of their commodities directly during the production process. Bruker has been active in the reporting area, and offers infra-red analyzers and sensors, embedded into the reactor, mixer, pipe over the conveyor belt, etc. In such case, operators and engineers receive data about the qualitative indices of the produced commodities on-line, without sampling and other costs.

You can become acquainted with more detailed information about commodities of the company Bruker from the report on the first day of the conference "AOCS Oils and Fats: World Market Update 2013". In particular, Evgeny Nikitin, Manager of the Industrial Equipment Department of Bruker Optics, will provide the presentation "Integrated Quality Control at the Fat-and-Oil Enterprises". Besides, you can see the equipment of Bruker, visiting the exhibition place №9 during the conference exhibition.

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