Unique opportunity to improve the technology of the fat-and-oil industry of Ukraine - in April 2013




APK-Inform Agency continues preparation works to carry on the US-Ukrainian conference “AOCS Oils and Fats: World Market Update 2013”, to be held in Kiev on April 3-4, 2013, in the national center of business and cultural cooperation "Ukrainian House". The conference will bring together representatives of the fat-and-oil industry literally from all over the world. To date, over 200 representatives of companies from 30 countries already confirmed its participation in the event. You can become acquainted with the list of participants here .

As a reminder, “AOCS Oils and Fats: World Market Update 2013” is the universal conference event, as there will be held the large-scale exhibition of technical equipment and courses for technologists of oil-producing enterprises within frames of the conference. The exhibition will feature equipment from 16 countries.

The following leaders of the domestic market of oilseeds and vegetable oils are among the participants of the conference:"Delta Wilmar CIS Ltd., PJSC Creative, PJSC Pologovskiy oil-extraction plant, PJSC Illichivsk fat-and-oil factory, Trade House Kakhovka Protein Agro Ltd., Trading company Urozhay Ltd., OJSC Nizhny Novgorod Fat Complex, SUN Ltd., AAG Ltd., etc.

Participation of representatives from China (Sinopharm Fortune Way Co), Egypt (Arma Group), Iran (Iran Oilseeds & Vegetable Oil Processing Factories Cooperative - Farda-Co and Iranian Vegetable Oil Industry Association - IVOI), India (Athena Tradewinds Pvt. LTD), Malaysia (Malaysian Palm Oil Board - MPOB), Singapore (Wilmar International Ltd), etc. in the conference will promote the further development of export routes for the commodities from the Black Sea region.

You can fill in the application form to participate in the conference, courses, or you can book the expo-place at our web-site.

More detailed information concerning participation is provided by Marketing Department of APK-Inform Agency:

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Christina Serebryakova, Svetlana Synkovskaya