"Fat-and-Oil Industry-2022", Warsaw, Poland
Oct 20, 2022
Registration fee for one participant - 400 EUR*

 * All bank charges and commissions shall be paid by the participants

In case of the local currency invoice, it to be drawn at the current exchange rate on the day of issue

  • 5% discount provided if registered two delegates
  • 10% discount provided if registered three or more delegates

Registration fee includes:
  • Participation of one delegate in the conference work
  • Receiving of conference materials (e-catalogue with the list of participants with their contacts; market note; presentations after the conference)
  • Placement of the company's business card in the e-catalogue of the conference
  • Coffee breaks, lunch on October 20
  • Gala-dinner on October 20

Additional opportunities

  • Participation as the conference sponsor
  • Placing of advertisement to the e-catalogue of the conference
  • Placing of the company banner in the conference room, in the lobby in front of the conference hall
  • Placing of the exhibition place in the lobby in front of the conference hall
  • Putting of advertising, souvenir products into packages of the conference participants

Terms of payment: full prepayment against the invoice charged by the organizer in accordance with the participant's application.

Please, contact the organizing committee for any details.

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