"Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2019", Ukraine, Kyiv
Oct 30, 2019

IA "APK-Inform" announces the holding of the eighteenth international conference "Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2019", which will be held on October 30, 2019 in Kiev (Hilton Kyiv). 

For eighteen years, this event gathers the leaders of the oil and fat industry of Ukraine, the largest producers and importers of oilseeds and their products from the world.

The discussion platform, which from year to year the Fat and Oil Industry Conference performs, allows us to set priorities for doing business at the start of the next new season, highlight creative ideas for attracting new customers and preserving existing customers in tough competition, being among the first to learn about promising innovative solutions .

This year, the leading players in the industry of Ukraine and the world will discuss the following topics:

  • Current state and development forecasts of the Ukrainian market as a leader in the production of sunflower seeds and its products
  • Global trends in the market of oilseeds, vegetable oils and meals
  • New / old markets for oil and fat products
  • Importer's point of view on Ukrainian oil and fat products (India, China, EU, Turkey)
  • Low margin and increased competition: what is the root cause?
  • High oleic sunflower and high oleic oil market: from niche to horizons expansion
  • Niche oilseeds: future prospects or short-term trends.
  • Analysis of the situation in the field of infrastructure and logistics: trends, problems, solutions

The target audience of the event: agricultural holdings, oilseed processors and traders, world importers of vegetable oils, industry organizations, leading domestic and international agricultural experts, equipment manufacturers, key exporters and consumers of oilseeds and by-products, representatives of scientific organizations, etc.

Want to be in the middle of the fat and oil industry? Become a member of the eighteenth international conference "Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2019"!

Geography: Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic countries, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, India, China, EU countries

Expected number of participants: 350 +

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