"Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2019", Ukraine, Kyiv

Oct 30, 2019

China to reduce its imports of Ukrainian sunflower meal — expert




Agritel analysts expected for another record production of sunflower seed in 2019/20 MY both in Ukraine and Russia, which together covered 80% of the global export market of the oilseed last season, declared the Director at Agritel International, Olivier Bouillet, during his report within frames of the international conference "Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2019" in Kyiv, on October 30.

According to the forecast, in the current season in Ukraine the general harvest of sunflower seed can reach 15.44 mln tonnes, exceeding the last year results (15 mln tonnes), and also up almost 1 mln tonnes compared with the UDSA forecast (14.5 mln tonnes). In Russia, the oilseed harvest will increase to 14 mln tonnes, against 13.55 mln tonnes in 2018/19 MY, said the speaker.

Also, the expert reported about the price situation on the sunflower seed market in Ukraine: in terms of reduction of the prices of oilseed raw materials, in September 2019 in Ukraine there were observed the record volumes of sunflower seed processing, which exceeded 1 mln tonnes. At the same time, the rates of sunflower oil exports were not very effective, and somewhat decreased compared with three previous seasons. The similar situation was observed in the segment of sunflower meal, moreover the further active demand of China, which is the key importer of Ukrainian sunflower meal, is highly disputed, due to decreasing of the consumption rates of the product in the country, in terms of the frequent outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF), and decreasing of the demand from the livestock industry of China.

As for the forecasts for 2020, Ukraine will keep the planted areas at the stable level — nearly 6.2 mln ha, against 6.25 mln ha in 2019. In addition, Ukraine demonstrated the growth of the interest of agrarians in growing of high-oleic sunflower seed, and in 20202, the planted areas can increase to 400 thsd ha, which will become the maximum figures for 6 recent years.

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