"Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2019", Ukraine, Kyiv
Oct 30, 2019

Quality of Ukrainian sunflower oil is high but it needs consistency – expert




The success of the agri business is defined not only by good harvests, market conditions, or by production capacities, but mostly, by the Personalities. That’s why during the 18th international conference "Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2019"  we put well-known experts on the stage and asked them to step off traditional presentations with slides. Instead we asked them to make the speeches, sharing personal vision, experience and thoughts.

We called this new TED-like format -  SUN Talks – and got 4 great performances – full of insights, deep knowledge, honesty and real emotions.

One of the brightest performances during SUN Talks  was made  by Arina Korchmaryova  ( MBA, BSc Chemistry and Biotechnology, Vice President - Baltic, Black and Caspian seas Business Group Cotecna Inspection).

Her  speech about sunflower oil quality wenmuch above traditional presentations, giving to the topic mix of professionalism and bright personal charisma. Arina talked about quality and risk assessment, about value of timely actions and the importance of highly qualified teams.

In conclusion, she highlighted the value of the reputation of national brand, which is build up by conscious action by every supply-chain participant. Consistency of quality is the challenge for Ukrainian origin sunflower oil and market should focus on solving it.

You can become acquainted with the key points of "Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2019" from the conference news line on our website.

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