Online conference:Ukraine. Russia. Kazakhstan: updates and forecasts
May 14, 2020

Kazakhstan: the sown area of grains and pulses to decline modestly – APK-Inform




In Kazakhstan, the sown area of grains and pulses will reach 15.2 mln ha in 2020/21 MY, down only 0.2 mln ha from the year ago level mainly due to higher barley area, informed the expert of APK-Inform, Polina Kalayda during the on-line conference “Ukraine. Russia. Kazakhstan. Updates and forecasts”.

“Despite the diversification policy regarding grains production fostering cultivation of technical and feed crops, there will be no significant changes in wheat planted area this year due to the rather  high demand for Kazakh wheat in the region”, - she explained.  

APK-Inform, forecast the sown area of wheat at 11.4 mln ha in Kazakhstan in 2020/21 MY (-0.3 mln ha from 2019/20 MY), that is the lowest level over the last 10 years. The planted area under wheat declined by 2.9 mln ha or 20% compared to 2010. Wheat production could reach 12.2 mln tonnes in 2020/21 MY (+0.8 mln tonnes to 2019/20 MY) with the yield at 1.08 t/ha (+7.1%).

“We forecast the total production of grains and pulses at 18.4 mln tonnes in Kazakhstan in 2020/21 MY, up 1 mln tonnes or 5.8% year on year”, - the expert summarized.  



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