Online conference:Ukraine. Russia. Kazakhstan: updates and forecasts

May 14, 2020

Quality of Ukrainian wheat could turn lower, due to insufficient use of crop protection products – expert




The rains during the last 3 weeks across the much of Ukraine were favorable for crops sowings as they let to fill the soils with moisture in proper agronomical way. Generally, the amount of precipitations in western, central, northern and east-northern regions were rather abundant. However, there is a heavy deficit of rains in southern regions of the country, informed the agricultural expert Oleg Levchenko during the online conference “Ukraine. Russia. Kazakhstan. Updates and forecasts” on May 14.

“Moreover, there is a low demand on insecticides and fungicides from farmers. Taking to account the warm winter the demand should be significantly higher or we will see some quality issues. Thus, grain crops could be damage by bugs as well as fungus diseases”. – the expert pointed out.

O.Levchenko forecasts the decline of the wheat production to 25 mln tonnes in Ukraine in 2020 compared to 28.7 mln tonnes year ago. He mentioned that this figure is that high due to rather intense use of fertilizes this year.

“The situation is rather pessimistic at the south of Ukraine. There is a poor development of root system of winter wheat due to frosts in March over the south and even on parts of center of the county. This could cause a lot of diseases”. – the expert explained.

He mentioned that the current weather conditions are favorable for corn in terms of moisture content, but not in terms of temperatures. “There will be low air temperatures particularly at nights until the end of May. However, we will get higher temperatures since the beginning of June”. – O.Levchenko added expecting the production of corn at 38 mln tonnes in Ukraine in 2020 compared to 34.9 mln tonnes year ago.


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