"Grain Processors Forum - 2021", Odessa, Ukraine
Sep 23, 2021

Buhler is general sponsor of Grain Processors Forum-2021




Representative office of Swiss concern Buhler AG in Ukraine traditionally sponsors the largest Ukrainian grain processing event - Grain Processors Forum-2021, which will be held in Odessa (Premier Hotel Odesa) on September 23-25.

Buhler provides the best solutions for grain processing, as a huge share of global grain volume is processed with Buhler’s equipment.

Buhler’s experience and knowledge of grain processing are unique. Combining modern Swiss and German design with state-of-art ecofriendly technologies, Buhler’s solutions are not only high-functioning, but also durable.

Up to 30% of global food is lost while coming through “from field to fork” process, that is why Buhler’s solutions for transportation and storing of grain are essential for better industry sustainability.

Buhler is a supplier of complex solutions from acceptance to storing and further with wide range of modern automation technologies. Its flexible solutions can be applied in different sectors of food industry with wide capacity range up to 2800 t/h. Buhler offers 30% shorter delivery time for a period from October to December 2021 as a special bonus, that will let you to be fully ready for harvesting campaign of 2022.  

Buhler offers:

  • Cleaning solutions

The TAS universal cleaner is an industry benchmark solution that has been successfully deployed for decades in grain reception, and as a pre-cleaner or fine cleaner in mills and other industry settings.

  • Drying solutions

Eco Dry is an efficient continuous-flow column dryer that enables gentle drying, uniform results and low energy consumption, while the fully flexible DryMate solution offers capacities of up to 100 t/h for wet corn, with higher yields and full operator independence.

  • Ship loader solutions

The mobile Portaload is the last word in efficient and environmentally friendly ship unloading, making it an essential addition to any maritime grain or other food business.

  • Belt conveying solutions

Buhler’s enclosed belt conveyor not only prevents dust emissions but dramatically improves both efficiency and workplace safety.

  • Silo monitoring solutions

Buhler has a range of tools to support operators in ensuring maximum safety standards at their plants, including sophisticated silo monitoring that is able to efficiently monitor temperature everywhere in the grain silos.

  • Conveying solutions

Buhler’s trough chain conveyors are suitable for a wide range of customer needs, with their flexible, modular system meaning that they can be adapted and customized as required, while Buhler’s easy-to-install and maintain elevators are the ideal low-energy choice for vertically transporting bulk materials in a safe and sustainable way.

  • Automation solutions

Buhler Automation is a single-source provider that covers the complete lifecycle of a project from initial idea to post-installation service and support.

  • Business Optimization

Buhler’s experts will study and analyze your entire process and offer sustainable solutions to optimize performance and maximize efficiency.

“Your success is our motivation. Contact Buhler to get an individual offer even today”, - Buhler says.


Do not forget that the delivery time is 30% shorter from October 21 to December 21!



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You can get more detailed information about Buhler’s modern technology solutions for grain processing as well as meet and communicate with the representatives of the world-known concern within Grain Processors Forum-2021.
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