"Grain and Maritime days in Odessa-2018"
May 24, 2018


May 24

08:00-09:30 — Registration of participants. Coffee-break

09:30-09:45 — Official opening ceremony of the conference.


Session 1. Global grain market: trends and forecasts. Key players

Moderator: Svitlana Synkovska, Marketing Director, APK-Inform Agency


Global grain market development – FAPRI forecast till 2026: drivers and uncertainties

William H. Meyers, Emeritus Professor of Agricultural & Applied Economics of the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute at the University of Missouri (FAPRI)


Black Sea region on the global grain market: achievements and challenges of 2017/18 MY. Prospects – 2018

Daryna Kovalska, Strategist, Agricultural Trading Desk, MACQUARIE GROUP


European grain market trends: results of the season-2017/18, production and trade forecasts in 2018/19 MY

Natalya Skuratovich, Senior trader, Alfagra


Chinese grain market: forecast of development in 2018/19 MY, prospects of Ukrainian-Chinese trade
Nie Fengying, Deputy General Director, Center for International Agricultural Research, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences


India on the grain market: export and import trends in 2018/19 MY, quality requirements to the imported grains
Siddharth R.Amin, Director, inspection company Dr. Amin Controllers Pvt. Ltd.


Prospects of the Black Sea grain trade in the MENA region in 2018/19 MY         
Hesham M. HassaneinSenior International Grain Expert Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)


Grain freight: prospects and challenges

Alex Younevitch, Managing Editor, Freight Markets, S&P Global Platts




Panel discussion "Grain trade – 2018: key trends"

Moderator — Mykola Gorbachev, President, Ukrainian Grain Association (UGA)


- Macroeconomics and Agricultural Policy: impact factors on grain trade

Oleg Ustenko, Executive Director, The Bleyzer Foundation


- Estimations of trends of the grain market, trade prospects in the season-2018/19, foreseeable risks, by traders

Speakers — representatives of international and Ukrainian grain trading companies




Session 2. International grain sea carriages

Moderator: Arthur Nitsevych, Partner, lawyer, Interlegal, International law offices, Member of LMAA and SCMA, FNI


Tomorrow’s maritime professionals: what does the future look like?

Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, President, Wista


Is the dry bulk industry still on track for profitability in 2019?

Peter Sand, Chief Shipping Analyst, BIMCO


Round tour in the documentary world of BIMCO

Søren Larsen, Deputy Secretary General, BIMCO


Adjusting the sails in resolving cargo sea carriage disputes

Daniella Horton, Honorary Secretary, LMAA 


New maritime projects of Turkey

Turkish Chamber of Shipping


Panel discussion “What factors facilitate (not impede) the maritime business development in Ukraine”

Moderators: Arthur Nitsevych, Vladimir Torskiy


Panel members:

- Vladimir Koval, Vice-President, the International Ship Suppliers Association (ISSA)

- Vladimir Rabotnev, Expert

- Sergey Nedyak, President, the Association of International Freight Forwarders of Ukraine (AIFFU)

- Yuri Vaskov, Expert, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine in 2015-2016

- Vyacheslav Kislovskiy, All-Ukrainian Association of Crewing Companies (AUCC),

- Association of Marine Agencies of Ukraine


Discussions, negotiations of participants


Gala-dinner in the restaurant "Maristella Marine Residence",  Bernardazzi St., 2A (Krasnykh Zor St.)


Optional Round tables for conference delegates

May 24

10:30-11:30 Ship arrest and release in the Mediterranean and Black Seas

13:00-14:00 Cargo insurance and liability of carriage participants

15:15-16:45 Non-resident companies in the global trade: challenges-2018

16:45-18:00 How to choose a yacht?

May 25

09:00-10:00 — Coffee-break


Session 3. Ukrainian grain market

Moderator: Rodion Rybchinskiy, Head of Business project unit, APK-Inform Agency


Development trends of the Ukrainian grain market influenced by the global trends

Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine


Agro Sector is ready to be disrupted by blockchain

Henry Shterenberg, President, SUNTRI INC


Results of the grain season-2017/18. Harvest forecasts for the main grains in 2018/19 MY

Andrei Kupchenko, Grain market analyst, APK-Inform Agency


Development prospects of the market of alternate crops and by-products (buckwheat, millet, oats, peas, chickpeas)

Anna Tanskaya, Head of the grain market department, APK-Inform Agency


Agricultural production in Ukraine and weather factor

Tetyana Adamenko, Head of the Agrometeorology department, Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center


Quality issues of Ukrainian grains

Oleg Onischenko, Expert, SGS


Ins and outs of the effective elevator construction: stages from the pre-design to operation

Alexei Grushko, Director, Variant Agro Stroy LLC




Panel discussion "Logistics — Achilles heel of the Ukrainian agricultural exports"

Moderator: Heinz Strubenhoff, Senior Private Sector Specialist, World Bank Group| IFC 


- The «Pain points» of agricultural logistics in Ukraine

- Promising projects to improve agricultural logistics

- Delivery of Ukrainian grain to the ports: truck shipment, railway, river. Tariffs for transportation VS conditions and quality of services

- Public-private partnership in the port sector as an effective mechanism for overcoming bottle necks in the transport infrastructure


Panel members:

- Oleg Nivievskyi, Agricultural policy adviser, World Bank Group

- Mykola Gorbachev, President, Ukrainian Grain Association (UGA)

- Taras Boychuk, Head of the Project Office “Spilno” - Public-Private Partnership Management Office, Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine  

- Agrarian Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

- Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways)

- Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA)

- Grain trading company




Parallel sessions

Conference hall


Round table by Kyiv-Mohyla Business School (kmbs)

Evolution of agribusiness in Ukraine: from raw materials to product logic

How can Ukrainian agribusiness escape the penalty of average profitability? What technologies and organizational transformations do large companies miss to make a breakthrough? What experience can we get from international companies, and what strengths does the Ukrainian business have in the production of goods for exports?




- Iryna Chernyshova, Founder, СhangeImpulse, Expert on change management

- Alexei Pakhomov, General Manager, Olam International Limited

- Inna Sosnovskaya, Project manager on international business development, STRATEGIC

- Gleb Lukyanenko, СЕО, PE Agroecology

Large conference hall

Session 4. Grain sea carriages in the Black Sea region

Moderators — Nikolay Melnykov and Boris Khrebtov


Panamax market in the Black Sea region

Vitaliy Smilyk, Aquavita International SA


Maersk: business in Ukraine and new solutions in the multimodal freight

Roman Koloyanov, MAERSK Ukraine


River-sea vessels

Alex Tarazanov, Soylu Shipping SA


Recommendations upon vessel chartering in a new season

Alex Sysoev, Interlegal


Charterer’s liability insurance

Dan Zhivotovskiy, Marine Services Group


Features of grain shipment from the Azov Sea ports

Anton Shapran, Maritime Logistic


When someone is wrong in the trade dispute, while the cargo is en route: how to save goods, money and relationship

Andrey Perepelitsa, Interlegal


Dnieper-Danube-Black Sea logistics

Volodymyr Kozakevich, AP-Marine


New market players

Gennadiy Ivanov, BPG


Discussions, negotiations of participants. Closing cocktail


Optional Round tables for conference delegates

May 25

10:30-11:30 London arbitrations (LMAA, GAFTA, FOSFA): trends-2018

* Please, note the agenda is subject to change, and will be updated


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