"Grain and Maritime days in Odessa-2018"
May 24, 2018

 Conditions of participation




Registration fee for one participant



Terms of payment



April 1-30



after May 1

* All bank charges and commissions shall be paid by the participants


Registration fee includes:

  • participation of one delegate in a two-day conference Grain & Maritime Days (May 24-25);
  • receiving of the conference materials (the conference catalogue, reports and presentations, list of participants with their contacts since payment of the invoice);
  • placing of the company's business card in the conference catalogue (in terms of payment of the registration fee until May 15; but if a participant pays in later terms, the company's business card will appear in the electronic list only);
  • coffee-breaks, lunches;
  • gala-dinner in the restaurant Maristella Marine Residence, 2 Bernardazzi Street (Krasnykh Zor Street).


Additional opportunities:

  • participation as the conference sponsor;
  • placing of advertisement in the catalogue (printed and electronic format) in the form of ad units, articles, etc.;
  • placing of a banner, exhibition place, demonstration of a video commercial, etc.


You can become acquainted with all additional information about advertising services in the segment Advertising services



5% – a group consists of 2 or more delegates on the same registration

10% – subscribers of the informational-analytical issues of APK-Inform Agency

Discounts are not cumulative, and only one of them is granted at a time.


Payment terms:

  • Full prepayment against the invoice charged by the organizer in accordance with the participant's application. The invoice is valid for three banking days.
  • The participant may cancel his participation unilaterally. Cancellation of participation in the conference is accepted only in writing form confirmed by the company head's signature


Payment return in case of cancellation of the conference participation:

  • until April 1 – the organizer shall return 80% of the paid sum;
  • until April 30 – the organizer shall return 50% of the paid sum;
  • after May 1 – the paid sum is not to be refunded.


The organizational committee provides more detailed information concerning participation, sponsorship and making a presentation: 

APK-Inform Agency


+38 0562 320795 (multi-channel),

+38 0562 321595

Irina Ozip (ext. 120) – [email protected],

+38 048 7021944

Mikhail Tsventukh

[email protected]


As for the registration issues, reservation of tables and placing of advertisements at Annual Odessa Shipping Dinner, please contact the organizing committee of Maritime Days in Odessa:


+380 48 7037510

Alla Agbash (registration, reservation)

[email protected]

+38 (048) 7021944

Mikhail Tsventukh (advertising)

[email protected]


Registration for Odessa Shipping Dinner



Exclusive Sponsor
Special sponsor
Under support
Media support

APK-Inform Agency

+38 (0562) 32-07-95 (multi-channel)

+38 (0562) 32-15-95 Irina Ozip (ext. 115), [email protected],

[email protected],

[email protected]


+38 (048) 703-75-10 Alla Agbash, [email protected] 

+38 (048) 702-19-44 Mikhail Tsventukh, [email protected]