"Grain and Maritime days in Odessa-2018"
May 24, 2018

Since India imposed the ban on peas imports, the crop cost in the Ukrainian seaports declined by 500 UAH/t




According to APK-Inform figures, after April 25 since India announced about the ban on peas imports for a three-month period, a downward price dynamics started dominating on the Ukrainian export market (CPT-port).

So, as of May 23 bid prices for yellow peas in the seaports of Ukraine varied within 5`700-6`100 UAH/t and only in some cases the figures reached 6`350 UAH/t. As a reminder, before imposition of the reporting ban the bid prices mainly totaled 6`100-6`700 UAH/t CPT-port, up 400-600 UAH/t compared with the current prices.

Also, the forecast of peas production in 2018, which can again exceed 1 mln tonnes, provides additional pressure on the prices.

You can become acquainted with future development of the market of peas, as well as the key features of 2017/18 MY and the forecasts for 2018/19 MY, on the market of chickpeas, buckwheat, millet and rye, while visiting the conference Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa 2018 (May 24-25), and listening the report "Development prospects of the market of alternate crops and by-products in Ukraine" by the Head of the grain market department at APK-Inform Agency, Anna Tanskaya.

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