"Grain and Maritime days in Odessa-2018"
May 24, 2018

Absence of GMOs is the major advantage of Ukrainian corn on the global market — Ministry of Agrarian Policy




To date, US and Ukrainian corn are the most competitive products on the Chinese and other markets, but the absence of GM content is the major advantage of the latter, declared the Deputy of Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Viktor Sheremeta during his report at the seventeenth international conference Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa on May 25.

According to the official, Ukraine produces corn hybrids, but not GM-corn. And to date, it is a huge advantage on the global market. It is possible that there are some exceptions, but the Ministry does not have any information about GM corn in households of Ukrainian agrarians.

V.Sheremeta said that many agrarians also started growing GM-free soybeans, which even allowed receiving the larger harvest volumes. According to him, Ukraine should make efforts, and remove GM soybeans from the market at all.

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