"Grain Processors Forum - 2019", Odessa, Ukraine
Oct 3, 2019

Announcement of "Grain Processors Forum - 2019"


The Union "Millers of Ukraine" in cooperation with the magazine "Grain storage and processing" announce about holding of the annual specialized conference "Grain Processors Forum - 2019".

The Forum to be held in Ukraine, Odessa (Atlantic Garden Resort Hotel) on October 3-4.

The event is held under support of the FAO and the EBRD. APK-Inform Agency is the Partner of the event.

To date, the flour milling industry of Ukraine has rather unstable positions, and the situation on the milling market is quite controversial. In 2018/19 MY, the crash trend started dominating after the record volumes of Ukrainian flour exports in 2015-2017 period. In addition, for 10 recent years the country demonstrated the constant downward trend in the production and consumption of flour.

At the same time, for several recent years the investments in the flour milling business of Ukraine totaled more than 26 mln EUR, and in the nearest future the sum may increase by nearly 10 mln EUR. Also, grain traders started entering the Ukrainian flour milling business, while making attempts to diversify their activities.

In addition, for several recent years the export geography of flour products significantly changed. So, 5-7 years ago the product shipments mainly focused on the markets of the Middle East countries, but in recent years Ukrainian millers started actively developing new sales markets, including the MENA region and Sub-Saharan Africa. Also, Ukraine started gradually returning the previously lost positions in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar).

At the same time, to date the Asian and African markets are the most perspective ones for the exports of Ukrainian flour products. The loss of several markets made a new lesson for millers not to wait for the buyer, but to realize the active marketing work on the independent search for buyers, and building of the well-organized commercial component of their activities, which already provide the certain positive results.

At the same time, the logistics problems, including the Ukrainian Railways (Ukrzaliznytsia), already became the main constraining factor for any further increasing of the exports of Ukrainian flour. In addition, due to their limited technical and financial abilities, flour mills fail to accumulate the large-scale batches (10-12 thsd tonnes) of flour for shipments in the ports.

Also, the domestic production of groats and flakes demonstrates the dynamic development rates, as evidenced by the annually growing volumes of the goods production and exports, as well as the increased capacities in Ukraine.

In any case, it is sure that the domestic grain processing industry of Ukraine continues developing in fairly active rates. In turn, it holds out a hope for not only the return of lost positions, but also for significant expansion of representation of Ukrainian products on the global market of flour and groats.

The detailed analysis of the current situation in the grain processing industry of Ukraine, and the prospects for its further development in the current terms of doing business, are the main targets of "Grain Processors Forum - 2019".


— Perspective directions of grain processing and trading

— Global market of flour and bread

— Presentation of the strategy of the flour milling industry development in Ukraine until 2024

— Deep processing of grains

— Production of alternative types of flour from grains and pulses

— Cooperation of flour millers with grain, bakery and confectionery producers

— Prospects for the production of bakery products in Ukraine

— Analysis of the sales market of frozen bread and semi-finished products

— Potential of the market of groats and flakes

— Prospects for the exports of flour and groats to the USA

— Work of flour mills in terms of cancellation of the standards for methodology of quality definition of grains and its by-products

— SMART technologies in the grain processing industry

— Technical and technological aspects in the flour and groats industry


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