"Grain Processors Forum - 2019", Odessa, Ukraine
Oct 3, 2019

Company Tanis — Sponsor of "Grain Processors Forum - 2019"




The company Tanis (Gaziantep), one of the leading Turkish manufacturers of technical equipment for the grain processing industry, became the sponsor of the international conference "Grain Processors Forum - 2019", to be held in Odessa, Ukraine, on October 3-4.

Tanis was founded in 1956, and to date the company produces almost all range of technical equipment for the production of wheat and corn flour, semolina, as well as processing of lentils and rice-bulgur.

Also, the enterprise of the company, which received the first modernization in 1990, and obtained to certificate according to the quality standards of ISO, CE, TÜV and TSE, produces the modern units for the production of seeds.

In addition to the production of equipment, Tanis provides the construction of flour mills on turnkey basis in any requested location.

At the same time, Tanis exports more than 70% of the produced technical equipment. Therefore, the company considers "Grain Processors Forum - 2019", as the excellent platform for development of the sphere, and looking for new foreign partners.

Please, register on the website, in order to participate in the conference, and meet with Tanis representatives.

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