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The National Union of grain producers and APK-Inform Agency under support of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia hold of the international conference “Grain of Russia - 2012” (September 24-2 5 2012, Russia, Rostov-on-Don, hotel DON-PLAZA). The event takes place within the Russian Grain Week..


For the fifth time the southern "capital" of Russia will welcome guests from all over the "grain" world. Unlike other conferences "Grain of Russia" gathers not only the government officials and top-managers of a small number of large-scale multinational companies, but also a wide range of grain market participants, including small and medium-scale companies, all segments of the industry – grain producers, processors, traders, surveyors, lawyers, logisticians. At the same time, the geography of participants shows fairly broad range: Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Libya, France, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, the USA, etc.


Moreover, the characteristic feature of the conference event is an active dialogue among the authorities and the private grain business, which gives the maximum effect to improve the situation both in the sphere of exports and the domestic market.


It is especially important taking into account the fact that the season-2011/12 was quite busy for most operators of the Russian grain market, in particular milling wheat segment. The active demand for grains and growing price trends were quite characteristic for the specified market during the whole MY. However, despite the fact that the harvest volumes in 2011 justified all the most optimistic expectations of market participants, grain quality indicators often were called as unsatisfactory. According to data of APK-Inform Agency, in 2011 the harvest of wheat totaled 56.24 mln tonnes, against 46.5 mln tonnes in 2010. However, according to many market operators, the quality of harvested grain volumes became lower.


After the period of the "closed market" in 2010/11 MY, Russian traders sought to make up for lost, and continued increasing the rates of own activity, growing own bid prices, respectively. At the same time, the considerable attention was paid to the issues of logistics in the winter season, planting campaign in the spring period and other pressing issues.



The season-2012/13 will become a challenge for players of the grain market". Price volatility together with correlation of forces on the worl scene will dor all the "i"s.



Key topics of the conference:


  • global grain market: changes and challenges of the last season, and prospects of the new one;

  • the results of 2011/12 МY and opportunities for Russian grains on the world market in 2012/13 МY;

  • infrastructure and state regulation in the major Black Sea countries;


  • logistics and development of the transport infrastructure of the grain markets in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan;



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