Mar 5, 2019

IA "APK-Inform" announces the holding of the first national conference GRABLI, which will be held on March 5, 2019 in Kiev.

They often talk a lot about increasing the efficiency of agricultural production in Ukraine, while analyzing the production volumes and the quality characteristics obtained in the current year. harvest, it becomes obvious that all market participants, from manufacturers of seed, pesticides and agrochemicals, to agricultural producers, there is something to work. Gentlemen, we are all links in one chain and can help each other increase profits. And for this you need to fulfill only a few conditions - be ready for an open dialogue and have a desire to know the truth about:

  • Where is the profit?
  • What do you know about missed opportunities?
  • Increasing profits is the main motivator, which means you should not miss opportunities. Opportunity to act, opportunity to be competitive, opportunity to be a leader.
  • Who and what prevents you now from increasing production and sales volumes?

We know everything about industry problems and ready to talk openly about the reasons, and not only about the consequences!

The conference participants will be presented with the latest research results on the Ukrainian market of plant protection products and seed materials, the market of falsification and recent media preferences of agricultural producers, conducted by the APK-Inform Agency. The agency's experts will announce information on the key levers of market growth, preferences, interests and factors influencing the development of the industry. The conference gathers professionals of the agro-industrial business of Ukraine: independent agricultural producers, workers and managers of agricultural holdings, manufacturers and suppliers of materials and equipment, and representatives of specialized associations.

Working languages ​​of the conference : Russian Ukrainian

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