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Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation

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Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine

Ukrainian Grain Association

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Grain forum became the traditional significant event on the market, and during the previous 9 years the forum united grain market participants, in order to resume the preliminary results of the leaving MYs and estimations of the prospects of market development for the following seasons. The current season was rather difficult for the grain market and became another one test for a lot of enterprises. The events, happened on the grain market of Ukraine effected the activity of grains trading companies, as well as processors and agricultural producers. Imposition of grain export quotas at the background of rather high harvest volumes, Tax legislative changes and etc. caused work conditions change of agrarian enterprises пїЅ it is just only the small part of the global problems, which the market faced in 2010/11 season. APK-Inform Agency, while preparing another one ground for meeting of representatives of the grain market, defined the range of major issues of discussion within the forthcoming event:

  • preliminary summing-up of 2010/11 marketing grain year;

  • estimation of the development prospects of the grain market in 2011/12 пїЅY;

  • prospects of grains from the Black Sea region in the context of world trade;

  • work of grain sector of the Agricultural complex of Ukraine in the conditions of changed Tax legislative of the country;

  • middle-term scenarios of agricultural land market development;

  • grains market infrastructure development problems.


We invite the following target audience to participation in the conference: large and middle-scale agricultural producers, agrarian holdings, representatives of grain trading, transport-forwarding and surveyor companies, directors and specialists of elevators and grain processing enterprises, engineering companies and material and technical resources suppliers, representatives of financial and insurance companies, banks and branch associations and unions; representatives of legislative and executive power branches of Ukraine, nongovernmental organizations; and etc.

Traditionally, the representatives of the companies from the main countries-importers of Ukrainian grain commodities participate among with Ukrainian companies in the event, and also companies from Russia, Kazakhstan, the USA, the EU countries and Canada.


Expected number of the Conference participants is about 200 persons.


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More detailed information concerning participation, sponsorship, advertising and being a speaker of the conference is provided by the Organizational committee of the conference at APK-Inform Agency: +380 562 320795, +380 56 7265272 (Ext. 164), e-mail: [email protected] пїЅ Christina Kriva