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Grain Forum already became the traditional landmark event for many participants of the grain market, which is attended by representatives of various segments of the grain market, to discuss the most pressing issues of the grain industry, make preliminary results for the season and determine the future prospects of the industry development.

Every grain season is somewhat unique period, and brings both difficulties and challenges to the market participants, and opens up new opportunities for the further development. During recent ten years the grain industry faced the cardinal changes. During the reporting period we were able to see not only an increase of the planted areas of grain crops, and changes of their structure, but also changing of the market conditions, processing volumes, the export structure of grains and by-products. The events, which took place on the grain market of Ukraine, showed its appropriate reflection in the activities of companies, both grain trading and processing ones, agricultural producers, logistics specialists. For its part, APK-Inform is the active participant of all events of the agrarian market, and tries to highlight the most pressing problems of the grain industry at each conference event. While preparing the regular platform for meeting of participants and experts of the grain market, which is the conference "Grain Forum", APK-Inform determined the range of key directions of the discussion within frames of the upcoming event:


1. Global grain market: tendencies and prospects

2. Ukrainian grain market: challenges and risks

3. Grain market infrastructure


In the current year the topic of the grain market infrastructure united the Twelfth International Conference "Grain Forum-2013: production, trading, logistics" (May 22-23) and Maritime Days in Odessa in 2013 (May 23-25).

APK-Inform Agency as the organizer of Grain Forum, and the organizing committee of Maritime Days in Odessa 2013 agreed to cooperate in the framework of their events, which take place simultaneously in Odessa. Under the agreement, the organizers will hold the joint session on infrastructure of the grain market, moderated by experts of Interlegal, co-organizers of Maritime Days.

The participants of both events receive a discount for participation in both conferences. The partners on Grain Forum and Maritime Days report about the special price for the third section of Grain Forum.

It is also worth noting that in the current year APK-Inform will pay more attention to the issues of the market of grain by-products and various technological aspects. The issues on the segments of grain processing industry will be discussed within frames of the conference "Grain Industry - 2013", which will be the logical continuation of the issues observed within the conference "Grain Forum - 2013".

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