"Grain&Maritime Days 2022 in Istanbul"
May 24, 2022
Well-known international event Grain&Maritime Days that was held in late May in Odessa for many years will be extended for 2 countries – Turkey & Ukraine in 2022.

Events of 2022

  • International conference Grain&Maritime Days in Istanbul 2022
    May 24-25, Istanbul, Turkey
    Organizers: APK-Inform, Interlegal

  • Shipping Party
    May 27, Odessa, Ukraine
    Organizer: Interlegal


Grain&Maritime Days in Istanbul 2022

Why Istanbul?
Istanbul is the largest commercial, economic, port and cultural center of Turkey. Favorable geographical position in two parts of the world – Europe and Asia as well as on the shores of the Bosphorus makes the city one of the largest hubs between the Black and Mediterranean Seas. There are three large international ports in Istanbul, which allow the city to be considered a business Mecca.

  • Turkey is one of the three largest global importers of grains (wheat, barley)
  • As a significant importer of raw materials, Turkey is also a major exporter of value-added products, which is an example of a successful strategy for the development of the agricultural sector
  • It is the biggest supplier of technologies and equipment for storing and processing of agricultural crops
  • Turkey has long-term trade relations with Ukraine and Russia, which are important suppliers of agricultural raw materials to the country
  • In 2021, Turkey increased import of Ukrainian grains and by-products by nearly 4 times
  • In monetary terms, the supply of Ukrainian grains and oilseeds as well as by-products reached almost 1 bln USD in 2021 (+32% y/y)
  • In the first half of 2021/22 MY, Turkey became the leader among importers of such Ukrainian products as soybean, sunflower seed, rye, sorghum, peas and bran, and took the second place in the ranking after China as a buyer of sunflower meal and barley
  • For 10 months of 2021, Turkey imported 7.9 mln tonnes of the main types of agricultural products from Russia for a total of 2.7 bln USD. Russia is a leading supplier of wheat, corn, rapeseed, sunflower seed, sunflower oil and sunflower meal to Turkey
  • Kazakhstan is also increasing supplies of agricultural products to Turkey. In 2021, the return of the sale of this group of goods reached 35 mln USD, up 4.3 times y/y. Additionally, supplies of grain and by-products from Kazakhstan to Turkey increased by 5.8 times

At the conference in Istanbul, you will get:
  • Powerful information platform
  • Discussions with the world's best experts in the field of grain analytics and trade, maritime business and shipping
  • Business communication and informal networking
  • Real meetings of buyers of grain and other agricultural products and sellers from the countries of the Black Sea region, Europe
  • Opportunity for logistics companies to communicate directly with traders
  • Meetings on the sidelines, which often allow you to find out what will not be said from the rostrum...
  • And of course, the magical flavor of magnificent Istanbul

What we will talk about
  • World economy and factors influencing the grain market
  • Impact of climate changes and green policy on the global agro-industrial complex
  • World wheat and flour market: results of 2021/22 MY, forecasts for 2022/23 MY
  • Analysis of market of feed grains (barley, corn)
  • Global trends in the pulses market
  • Trends in the development of the Turkish market of grains and by-products: prospects for 2022/23
  • Black Sea market of wheat and barley (Ukraine, Russia): results of 2021/22 MY, expectations and forecasts for 2022/23 MY
  • Potential of Kazakhstan on the market of durum wheat and pulses
  • Marine logistics of grain cargo: global perspectives and current challenges
  • New trends and tendencies in the maritime business of the Black Sea countries
  • Black Sea freight market
  • Overview of the practice of developing maritime transport in the Black Sea countries
  • Financing of shipping

The agenda will also include discussion panels with the key experts.

Contact the organizing committee for any information about terms of participation, sponsorship and presentation options.

Grain&Maritime Days in Istanbul 2022 – we follow grain!


Organizing committee


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+38 0562 320795

Irina Ozip
+38 0676342605
[email protected]


Tatiana Lysenko

+38 048 2337528 
+38 095 2312510
[email protected]