"Grain and Maritime days in Odessa-2019". Ukraine, Odessa
May 30, 2019

On May 30 - June 1, 2019, the sea capital of Ukraine will become the best venue for both grain trading and maritime industry!

Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa is the large-scale international event with 18-year history, which knits together the interests of representatives of all sectors of the grain and marine industries for business and unofficial networking!

Every year in May, the conference draws together 500+ participants from 40 countries — key managers of grain and maritime companies.


But why should you visit Grain&Maritime Days in Odessa? 

  • Time-honoured effectiveness! Since 2002, the grain market of Ukraine continued developing together with the specific grain conference by APK-Inform Agency, which was annually organized in May period — almost at the turn of two grain seasons. 
  • The conference dates are the most favourable for summarizing the results of the outgoing grain season and forecasting for the forthcoming one. 
  • Each conference provides 30+ speakers from the leading global analytical agencies, experts of grain and maritime businesses, international trade and investment companies. 
  • Well-developed informational platform, after which each delegate shall receive the mini-study on the grain market and maritime industry in the form of presentations. 
  • The comfortable venue, which contributes to the interactive discussion of the current and pressing issues of development of the global and Ukrainian grain markets, logistics and marine transportation. 
  • Unofficial networking and positive emotions received within frames of the event, and having a good time in the sea capital of Ukraine — Odessa.


Grain&Maritime Days — 3D EVENT

Activity I 

May 30-31 — the international conference Grain&Maritime Days


Business part & networking


Major conference abstracts

  • In 2018, Ukraine broke another record in the production of grains and oilseeds, which totaled more than 90 mln tonnes. As a result, the country formed the record export potential at more than 50 mln tonnes. Realization of the potential provides new global challenges to market participants related to strengthening of the global competition rates and the need to work out new sales markets.
  • The trade confrontation between the largest global economies — the USA, China and the EU already became the main global factor of the current and future seasons, because it provides the significant impact on the countries with developing economies, changes the global structure of yields and the financial solvency of countries-importers. At the same time, the USA continues restoring its positions as the key country-exporter of grains, and provides the competitive prices on the traditional markets for Ukraine. 
  • In addition, the internal economic and geopolitical transformations of the main players of the global grain market significantly increased the risk profile for investment in the agricultural sector, and posed the potential threat to the stability of the major foreign currencies. 
  • Both local and global logistical problems are still the most serious ones. As for Ukraine, the deep-rooted problem of grain goods transportation by rail became more intense due to the risk of the significant reduction of cargo traffic through the ports of the Azov Sea. At the same time, the periodic escalation of the conflict in the Azov-Black Sea region increases the risks for shipowners, which contributes to increasing of the freight rates. 
  • In order to successfully cope with the reporting challenges and other ones, participants of the Ukrainian agricultural market badly need the intermutual understanding of the problems and challenges, as well as the coordination of business and government actions. Generally, the reforms carried out by the government on deregulation of business were positively perceived, but they are still insufficient, and require the further systematic implementation. 

Once again, the Ukrainian agribusiness proved its worthiness, and provided the record production volumes in rather difficult economic conditions, opened up new sales markets, including such premium markets as Japan, Singapore and others, as well as strengthened its position on the EU market, and continued developing the prospective organic direction. But the actively developing global market requires brand new approaches towards doing of the agricultural business, and generation of the progressive ideas is possible only in terms of large-scale professional discussions, including Grain&Maritime Days in Odessa.


Major topics

— Macroeconomics and geopolitics: features of 2019

— Global grain market: challenges of the season-2018/19, expectations for 2019/20 MY

— Maritime transportation of grain cargoes: global prospects, contemporary challenges, investments

— Logistics as the impact factor on grain export flows

— Ukrainian grain market: in 20 mln to 100 mln tonnes

— Within frames of the conference, the TOP-FACE rating of the grain market and logistics.

Awarding of companies that won in the following categories:

  • Terminal of the year
  • Trader of the year
  • Shipper of the year
  • Freight forwarder of the year

Independent polling of market participants will specify the winners in the reporting nominations. The conference web-page will publish the voting conditions and rules for specification of the nominees. Please, follow us at http://grainandmaritime.com and Grain&Maritime Days in Odessa in Facebook.


May 30 — Big Grain&Maritime Dinner

Restaurant "Maristella Marine Residence", 2A Bernardazzi St.



Activity II

Odessa Shipping Dinner


Odessa Shipping Dinner is the largest networking event for the shipping professionals, held in every May in Odessa, Ukraine.

Directors of shipping companies from Austria, Switzerland, Cyprus, the UAE, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Korea, Monaco, the UK and other countries visited event at 2018. Last year, over 500 experts in transport, shipping and international trade visited the annual Odessa Shipping Dinner.

More details here


Activity III

Football tournament Odessa Shipping Cup 2019


Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa final accord was Odessa Shipping Cup, a traditional amateur football tournament among transport and maritime experts.

Only amateur sportsmen – top managers and managers of the participating companies struggled for the cup.

More details here



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