"Grain and Maritime days in Odessa-2019". Ukraine, Odessa

May 30, 2019

Ukraine: 11 oblasts started planting rapeseed — Ministry of Agrarian Policy




In Ukraine, agrarians of 11 oblasts started planting rapeseed. As of August 12, agrarians planted the oilseed throughout the areas of 52.6 thsd ha, or 5% of the forecast (1.1 mln ha), declared the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

According to the recent official data, agrarians plan to plant winter crops for the harvest-2020 throughout 7.3 mln ha, including wheat and triticale — 6.2 mln ha, rye — 122 thsd ha, and barley — 920 thsd ha.

As for the harvesting campaign, Ukrainian agrarians already harvested 37.5 mln tonnes of early grains and pulses throughout the areas of 9.6 mln ha, or 97% of the forecast.

In particular, Ukraine harvested wheat throughout 6.6 mln ha (97%), and produced 27.6 mln tonnes of the grain. In addition, Ukrainian agrarians continued harvesting rye. As of the reporting date, the harvested areas reached 106 thsd ha (90%), and the production volumes totaled 294 thsd tonnes. Agrarians harvested 325 thsd tonnes of oats throughout 130 thsd ha (71%). Also, agrarians harvested 583 thsd tonnes of peas throughout 257 thsd ha (100%).

As of the reporting date, the production volumes of winter rapeseed totaled 3.1 mln tonnes. The oilseed harvested areas reached 1.24 mln ha (99%).


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