"Grain and Maritime days in Odessa 2020". Ukraine, Odessa

May 27, 2020

The large-scale international event, which is traditionally held in the sea capital of Ukraine — Odessa, almost at the edge of grain seasons, in the last week of May.


Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa provides:

  • 400+ participants, 30 countries

  • Lively discussion with 30+ speakers from the leading global analytical agencies, experts of grain and maritime businesses, representatives of international trade and investment companies

  • Well-developed informational platform, after which each delegate shall receive the mini-study on the grain market and maritime industry in the form of presentations

  •  The conference dates are the most favourable for summarizing the results of the outgoing grain season and forecasting for the forthcoming one

  • Business communication and informal networking, which knits together the interests of the key managers of grain and marine businesses


Business segment of the conference agenda takes place in the comfortable conference area in the hotel Black Sea (Shevchenko Park, 1/20 Marazlievskaya str.)



The conference Grain&Maritime Days in Odessa 2020 to become even more heightened. The agenda of the three-day event will be able to informatively satisfy the interest of various segments of the grain and marine businesses.


Day I, May 27

Conference "Market of alternate grains and container logistics: small cargoes — great prospects"

For the first time, within frames of #GMD the organizers will make a profoundly view of the market of alternate grains and by-products, as well as the industry of container logistics. After all, despite the small volumes of production in Ukraine, alternate grain crops can become quite prospective in terms of market diversification and the possibility of successful sales.


The conference agenda covers the following issues:

Trends of the Ukrainian market of alternate crops: changes in the structure of production of alternate crops in 2020/21 MY (rye, buckwheat, oats, millet, malting barley, pulses); who is increasing the imports of Ukrainian alternate crops and by-products; trends on the market of flour, groats and bran; export trading of organic agricultural products (grains, flour, groats).

Container logistics of agricultural cargoes: logistics of alternate crops: features & challenges; prospects of the transshipment of by-products and organic products; significance and tendencies of the container segment in the logistics of alternate crops; problems of agricultural goods exports in containers.

Discussion "Features and development prospects of the market of alternate grains and container logistics in Ukraine": price volatility in terms of the reduced production volumes; prospects of the domestic demand; changes in the quality features of raw materials in the alternate crops segment; external demand in terms of the global changes in food culture.

Speakers: representatives of Ukrainian companies-producers of alternate crops, processing, trading and logistics companies, analysts, lawyers, and market experts.


Day ІІ, May 28

Official opening of the conference Grain& Maritime Days 2020 in Odessa

Section: Global and Black Sea markets of grains: trade prospects & risks


Key topics:

Global Trends: global economic tendencies as the impact factor on the global and Black Sea markets of grains. Analysis of the global production, and forecasts of grain trading: 2020 and beyond.

Ukrainian AgriBusiness Talks: : Ukrainian economy in terms of the global trends and business realities; agricultural business in Ukraine: one year after the elections; what soft skills does a business owner need in 2025?; fears and concerns of top management.

GrainBattle: Importer vs Exporter: key trends and prospects of trade in the Black Sea region; historical preferences of importers, and how to manage with them; tariff and non-tariff barriers: matter of time, price or need?; impact of the foreign currency market volatility on grain trading.

Speakers: representatives of public organizations and international institutions, market analysts and experts, industry organizations and associations, surveyors, banks, representatives of Ukrainian companies-exporters of grains, as well as importers from the MENA region, the EU, and Asia.


Day ІІІ, May 29

Section: "Infrastructure and logistics of the grain market of Ukraine"


Key topics:

Port boom in Ukraine: competitive advantages, or "front running": development of the marine industry of Ukraine: investment projects of the marine industry of Ukraine; at home among strangers: improvement of competition, and other problems of the ports and grain terminals; ports as a link in the logistics chain, or What "holds down" their capacities?; technological revolution in the maritime transportation; development of the small ports of Ukraine, the market of coaster freight and "river-sea" vessels: trading prospects.

Maritime business. How do shipowners operate in Ukraine: review of shipping in the Black and Azov Seas; TOP-7 challenges for Ukrainian shipowners; from the sea to the river: problems of the statutory regulation of transshipment; revival of the shipping industry of Ukraine — way to kill three birds with one stone.

Speakers: experts in the sphere of the grain market infrastructure, maritime logistics and law, representatives of the seaports, grain terminals, freight forwarding companies, charterers, ship owners, underwriters, representatives of public organizations and international institutions.







The agenda includes open interviews with the key speakers, discussion panels, optional round tables, etc.

The Organizing committee provides more detailed information concerning participation, sponsorship, advertising and making a report at the conference


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