#GMD Conference 2020: Summer edition, Ukraine, Odessa
Aug 20, 2020

9:45-10:00 Opening of the conference

10:00-12:00 Section I. Global trends: the future is here

Moderator – Oleg Nivevsky, agricultural expert, associate professor, Kyiv School of Economics

  • Trends of the global grain market development under the conditions of climatic changes and unexpected challenges
  • Black Sea grain market: between records and challenges 
  • Climatic challenges for Ukraine: agricultural production in a weather bind
  • Forecasts of the agricultural sector development under the conditions of the world depression and global climatic changes


Olivier Bouillet, CEO Agritel International

Andriy Kupchenko, Head of Business project unit at APK-Inform 

Oleg Nivevsky, agricultural expert, associate professor, Kyiv School of Economics

Tetyana Adamenko, Cand. Sc. Geography, Head of the Agrometeorology department at the Ukrainian hydrometeorological center

Oleg Ustenko, Adviser to the President of Ukraine on economic issues

Discussion of speakers: Global food market: objective reality, doubtful future?

  • Food demand generation in the world
  • Grain – fundamental of food security
  • Outlook of local manufacturing content
  • Role of data and analysis in improvement of the food market effectiveness  

12:00-12:30 Coffee break

12:30-14:00 Section II. Grain trade: new season - new challenges

Moderator – Mykola Gorbachev, the President of the Ukrainian Grain Association

  • Start of 2020/21 MY: what has it brought to us (results of the first month, trade activity, crop quality and quantity expectations, safety issues)
  • Quality and safety of grain of the harvest-2020: under the influence of weather and agrochemistry
  • New requirement of importers – new tasks for Ukrainian grain market participants
  • Influence of tariff and nontariff barriers of importers on grain market development

  • New dimensions of technical non-tariff regulation of GAFTA policy in grain sector
  • Key risks and challenges of season-2020/21
  • Commodity vs niche segment: what is the future?


Mykola Gorbachev, the President of the Ukrainian Grain Association

Alexsander Zhemoyda, Director of the Department for Multilateral and Bilateral Trade Agreements at the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine

Eugenia Novozhilova, Kiev office of GAFTA

Arina Korchmaryova, Vice President - Baltic, Black and Caspian seas Business Group at Cotecna Inspection                                                                                                         

Vadim Turyanchik, adviser to the President of the Ukrainian Grain Association on feed and food security

Ali Bulut, Vice Chairman Of The Board, International Turkish Ukrainian Business Association

14:00-15:00 Lunch

15:00-17:00 Section III. Marine logistics

Opened panel discussion: Where will we sail in 2021? And by what means?

  • New risks and trends of Black Sea freight market
  • Trends and risks of work in Azov region in post-crisis era
  • Buy steamships, wholesale and retail
  • Law 1210. Affect everyone
  • River ports: market mutation and prospects of 2021
  • Trends of grain cargoes transshipment in Black and Azov Seas
  • Ukrainian ship-repairing: post-crisis prospects

Panel members:

Eugeniy Derkach, port complex Aquarelle

Gennadiy Ivanov, KRONOS BULKERS

Andrey Perepelitsa, Interlegal

Irina Voyevodina, Interlegal

Anton Shapran, Maritime Logistics

Yuriy Skichko, Hermes Trading

Roman Koloyanov, Maersk Ukraine

Mikhail Dudnikov, Chairman of the board of Chernomorsk Shiprepair Yard

17:00-17:30 Completion of the conference, summing up, questions for speakers, discussions

17:30-22:00 #GMD Gala Dinner

* The agenda is subject to change

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