#GMD Conference 2020: Summer edition, Ukraine, Odessa

Aug 20, 2020

Agriculture and related sector to develop in Ukraine – Oleg Ustenko




Despite the significant decline, Ukrainian economy cloud has a silver lining, declared the Adviser to the President of Ukraine on economic issues, Oleg Ustenko.

“The global depression and coronacrisis took its toll on opened small economy of Ukraine. Our country is export-oriented and such global cataclysms lead to decline of demand for our key export products that hurts economic growth”, - he pointed out.

O.Ustenko supposes that all that relates to Ukrainian agriculture is positive, as it is the main driver of Ukrainian economy.

“I consider the prospects of this sector to be huge in both short and long terms. It is one of the sectors that will attract significant investments”, - he forecasted.

O.Ustenko thinks that the neighbor sectors will develop as well – agricultural logistics, farm machine industry, etc.

“I suppose that the growth of agriculture and all related sectors will be a forward-looking. The share of agriculture will grow in Ukraine in mid-term and it will play the important role in the coming decade”, - the Adviser to the President pointed out.


Oleg Ustenko will be one of the key speakers at GMD Conference 2020: Summer Edition, to be held on August 20 in Odessa. He will tell about the prospects of agricultural sector development under the conditions of the world depression and global climatic changes as well as will take part in discussion “Global food market: objective reality, doubtful future?”



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