#GMD Conference 2020: Summer edition, Ukraine, Odessa

Aug 20, 2020

Quality of grain harvest 2020 : under the influence of weather and agrochemistry – Cotecna Inspection




Arina Korchmaryova, MBA, BSc Chemistry and Biotechnology, Vice President - Baltic, Black and Caspian seas Business Group at Cotecna Inspection,  will be one of the key speakers at GMD Conference 2020: Summer Edition, to be held on August 20, 2020 in Odessa.

The expert will tell about the qualitative characteristics of new-crop wheat in Ukraine and Russia in 2020/21 MY.

“In Ukraine, forecasted ratio of milling wheat vs feed wheat is about 40:60% respectively. The quality of Ukrainian milling wheat of 2020 crop on average is similar to the previous crop. It will be important for buyers to estimate the quality with regard to the final product. Despite the high level of protein content, its quality on some parcels is quite weak for certain bread products. Thus, even if main specifications for milling wheat are within the contractual limits, rheological parameters should be evaluated in order to estimate the actual baking quality of the batch. The quality of Ukrainian wheat is rather high, but it is necessary to see its peculiarities compared to the other origins.

Russian milling wheat crop of 2020 is expected at usual good level. Wheat shows quite stable year after year average yield. However, the quality of wheat can be heterogeneous between parcels especially at the beginning of the season. As expected, only about 20% of the crop would be of feed grade, the rest would be milling wheat. The balance of parameters is on a quite good level. The share of bug-ridden grains has been below 1% so far. Parcels of wheat with protein above 16% in approximately 50% cases show the decrease in test weight (abt. 75-76 kg/hl)”, - Arina Korchmaryova said in the exclusive comment to APK-Inform.


You could get the detailed forecasts of A.Korchmaryova as well as information regarding pesticides and mycotoxins content in wheat and other crops within GMD Conference 2020: Summer Edition.

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