"Grain Processors Forum - 2018", Odessa, Ukraine
Sep 28, 2018

The largest event of the grain processing industry of Ukraine — the annual specialized conference "Grain Processors Forum - 2018" was held in Odessa on September 28-29. According to participants, in the current year the conference reached a really new level and acquired its special flair.

The Union "Millers of Ukraine" in cooperation with the magazine "Grain storage and processing" became the conference organizers. The event was held under support of the IFC, FAO, EBRD. In addition, in the current year the Southeast Flour Industrialists Association (Güneydoğu Un Sanayicileri Derneği — GUSAD) and the Association of Anatolian Flour Industrialists (Anadolu Un Sanayicileri Derneği — AUSD) became the partners of the Forum. APK-Inform Agency was the General information partner.


In 2018, "Grain Processors Forum - 2018" gathered together more than 250 delegates from 8 countries. Almost all leading players of the grain processing industry of Ukraine participated in the event, including Stolichny mlyn LLC, Vinnytsia bread factory #2, PJSC State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine (SFGCU), MOVER MILL, Skvyrskyi grain processing factory Ltd., Zernari, Volyn-Zerno-Product, BilotserkivKhliboProduct, TH Novaagro, Agro-Yug-Service, and many others. In addition, a representative delegation from Turkey visited the Forum. The delegation included representatives of more than 100 companies-importers and processors of grains — Angoram, Besler Gida, Doruk Un, Ulas Gida, Tiriyaki Agro, etc.





Turkey is the major exporter on the global flour market, and Turkish companies-producers have long-term contracts, which require purchases of raw materials. At the same time, in terms of the record devaluation rates of the national currency of Turkey (TRY), it is more appropriate for the country to increase the exports and decrease the import figures. In the current trends of the global grain market, the further cooperation with Ukraine is of special for Turkey. So, in 2018/19 MY Ukraine is forecasted to increase the exports of wheat to Turkey, which will push back Russia in the reporting market segment, due to the Turkish plans to diversify the grain foreign supplies.

The Forum provides the good opportunity for direct negotiating and understanding of the situation by Ukrainian and Turkish companies. Therefore, in the current year "Grain Processors Forum - 2018" became such platform for dialogue between the parties.



So, Rodion Rybchinskiy, Head of the Union "Millers of Ukraine" opened the event. On behalf of the organizers, he thanked all guests, partners and sponsors of the Forum for their interest in the event, and called for the active discussion of the current situation and forecasts for the further development of the flour industry, as well as sharing experiences between the leading exporters of flour on the global market, such as Turkey, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. According to him, the tendency to increase the export volumes of flour has developed in Ukraine for 5 recent years. In 2017/18 MY, the country increased the exports of flour products by 10%. The trend will continue keeping in Ukraine and stimulate the further development of the industry. Ukrainian grain processors have to reach the figures, which Turkey demonstrates in the foreign supplies of flour.



Also, Olena Kovalova, the Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine; Ferhat Çolak, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry; Erhan Özmen, Southeast Flour Industrialists Association (GUSAD); Ali İhsan Özkaşıkçı, Association of Anatolian Flour Industrialists (AUSD) & Emek Flour Ci̇han Soyalp; as well as Cihan Soyalp, Director of purchasing and conservation department at the Turkish Grain Board (TMO); Dmitry Prikhodko, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and Eugen Osmochescu, International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group), made their welcoming speeches.