Day 1, April 13
16:00-19:30 Registration of conference participants
17:30-19:30 Welcoming cocktail
Day 2, April 14
09:00 Registration of conference participants
10:30-10:50 Grand opening of the conference
Welcoming speech of organizers and sponsors
10:50-13:00 Session 1: World trade with grains in 2009/10-2010/11 МY
  World trade with grains in 2009/10 MY. Prospects of the market in 2010/11 season
Darren Cooper, Leading analyst of the International Grains Council (IGC)
  Issues and Realities on Black Sea Grain Quality
Kirill Kasyanenko, Regional manager of sales and marketing of SGS
  World market of freight and trading with grains in 2010
Medhat Hatim El-Kady, General Secretary of Egyptian International Freight Forwarding Association and Director of KADMAR Group
12:00-12:20 Coffee-break
  Minimization of risks while trading with agricultural products
Stephan Bernard, Director of BG Amethyst Capital LLC
  Effective technologies of grain shipment as means for increasing of efficiency of trading operations
Adrian Spar, Regional director of Buhler
13:00-13:30 Open discussion: Prospects of the world trade in the next season - projected trends
13:30-14:30 Lunch
14:30-16:30 Session 2. Portrait of grain markets of the Black Sea region countries
  Russian market of grains: exporter view
Rob Hansen, General Director of Cargill Grains & Oilseeds Russia
  Ukraine: prospects of grain exports development
Oksana Karabina, Manager of Export Sales of Kernel-Trade
  Kazakhstan: grain export directions
Nurlan Mukhamedzhanov, Deputy Chairman of JSC "Kazagromarketing"
  Bulgaria: grain market and export prospects
Dian Donev, Director of Scanwel
  GAFTA arbitrage in the Black Sea grain trade: imminent reality or possible alternative?
Andrew Astapov, Managing partner of ASTAPOV LAWYERS
16:30 Coffee-break, dual meetings and negotiations
Day 3, April 15
09:30-12:00 Session-briefing 3: Grain trading between the Black Sea region and the countries of the Middle East and the North Africa: qualitative requirements
  Egyptian requirements for qualitative parameters of grain cargoes
Fayez Soliman Hanna, Director of Sawco Best Control
  Fumigation and grain quality
Representative of IMFO Egypt
  Grain imports to Lebanon: grain quality issues
Bochar Bobess, Director of Modern Mills of Lebanon
  Syria: quality of import grains
Nizar Kayali, Director of Union Mills
  Juridical aspects of grain quality of trading operations on the world market of grains
Ivanna Dorichenko, Hammonds
12:30-13:30 Lunch, photo session of participants
13:30-15:00 Session 4: Flour milling industry: modern flour-milling technologies, requirements to wheat quality, flour trading
Sponsored by Buhler
  Modern flour-milling technologies as the instrument of solving of wheat quality issues
Gunter Klenke, Regional director of Buhler
  Methods of increasing of qualitative parameters of import wheat. Bug damage problem and solution
Khossam Essavi, Director of Eurogerm Egypt
  Current condition and prospects of Russian flour exports
Alexander Korbut, Vice-President of Russian Grain Union
  Common discussion concerning quality issues
15:00 Coffee-break from BUHLER, dual meetings and negotiations
19:30-22:00 Gala-dinner