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Morocco is the third largest buyer of Ukrainian wheat

According to the data of APK-Inform analysts, from July to December of the current MY the Ukrainian wheat exports to Kazakhstan totaled nearly 593.8 thsd tonnes so the country entered the TOP-3 of leaders by Ukrainian grain imports after Egypt (1.3 mln tonnes) and Spain (798.6 thsd tonnes).

Remind you that in 2011/12 Ukrainian wheat exports to Morocco totaled 69.7 thsd tonnes, and just the 16th line by the purchasing volumes among the major countries-importers of the Ukrainian grain.

Morocco: oilseeds by-products shortage becomes sharper year by year - FAO

According to the data of FAO analysts, in the recent 20 year Morocco has being faced the shortage of the oilseeds by-products. Note the stated innovations coincided with the oilseeds by-products consumption increase in Morocco. Thus in the recent 20 years the annual increase of the oilseed meals demand totals 10.6%, oils – 3.6%. As a result the imports of the stated commodities faced an increase in the recent few years, meanwhile the oilseeds purchasing for the domestic processing faced an essential decrease.

The representatives of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) will provide more detailed information on development of the market of oilseeds in Morocco within the Eighth International Trading Summit: Grains & Oilseeds 2013 (March 6-7, Casablanca, Morocco).

As of to date nearly 15 companies including the large-scale traders as Olam-International, Intertrading, KlebInvestStroy confirmed their participation in the event.

APK-Inform Agency is the organizer of the event.

As a reminder, the National Federation of Millers of Morocco, Italian Flour Millers Association ITALMOPA, Ukrainian Grain Association, Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, the Association "Ukroliyaprom", the Iranian Association of vegetable oils producers, and the Iranian cooperative of oilseeds and vegetable oils processors provide support to the International Trading Summit: Grains & Oilseeds 2013.

You can fill in the application form to participate in the event here.


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