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Morocco increases imports of Ukrainian wheat bran and sun meal

According to the data of APK-Inform Agency, Morocco faces an active increase of wheat bran imports from Ukraine.

Thus in the past season the share of Morocco in the Ukrainian wheat bran exports totaled 30% allowing the importer to become the second largest buyer of Ukrainian bran after Turkey. Meanwhile in 2011/12 MY Morocco imported nearly 112.8 thsd tonnes of the stated by-product. Note since the beginning of the current season (July-December) the wheat bran supplies to Morocco totaled nearly 33 thsd tonnes (15%).

Besides in 2011/12 MY Morocco imported nearly 96 thsd tonnes of Ukrainian sun meal. Meanwhile in the period of July-December 2012/13 MY Ukraine exported nearly 11.3 thsd tonnes of the stated by-product to Morocco.

To meet the representatives of the Ukrainian exporters of the Ukrainian sun meal and wheat bran you can by visiting the Eighth International Trading Summit: Grains & Oilseeds 2013 (March 6-7, Casablanca, Morocco).

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