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Sep 19, 2019

I. Placing of advertisement to the conference catalogue

The catalogue is the unique information source of the customer base, which gains a great success not only for the conference participants, but also for companies which fail to take part in the event.

The catalogue is your table-top book for 2-3 nearest seasons. One can find therein not only the general information about the event, but also the contacts of companies, which can become potential business partners, as well as the basic market information.

The organizers provide the catalogue to each participant of the event.

Catalogue advertising charge

Cover page *


2, 4




Within the catalogue **

1/1 of the page


Trendy article (up to 10 thsd characters)



Requirements to the advertising blocks

1. The finished advertising blocks are accepted in the following formats:

·         TIFF (300 dpi, bitmapped graphics)

·         AI (Adobe Illustrator, vector graphics)

·         CDR (Corel Draw, vector graphics)

·         EPS with 250-300 dpi resolution (real size) in CMYK colour model

·         Curve types

2. It is mandatory to consider the specified advertising block sizes.

3. * Blank space of 15 mm is necessary from all edges of the page to text or other informational objects.

4. ** Blank space of 7 mm is necessary from all edges of the page to text or other informational objects.


II. Placing of the exhibition place in the lobby nearby the conference-hall — 1`500 EUR

The area of exhibition place totals 3.6 m2 (width — 2.4 m, depth — 1.5 m).

The cost includes:

— participation of one representative from the company;

— table (width — 600 mm, length — 1200 mm), tablecloth, 2 chairs;

— Internet connection (upon the capability of the owner of the conference-hall);

— power grid connection.

One may use corporate banners for housing of the exhibition place.

Housing of non-standard exhibition places with the use of exhibition panels or by the personal plan to be made only after approval of the development schemes and budgets.


III. Placing of the roll-up banner:

  • in the conference-hall — 600 EUR
  • in the lobby nearby the conference-hall — 500 EUR

The customer shall provide the banner.

APK-Inform can organize the production of the roll-up banner in advance, in terms of making and harmonizing the order, no later than 30 days before beginning of the event.


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