Online conference "Kazakh Oilseed Summit: Online Edition"
Jan 21, 2021

China increases import of Kazakh flaxseed products, but logistical problems prevent




China continues increasing import of flaxseed products from Kazakhstan. However, logistical problems at the border of the countries limit the potential of Chinese imports, declared the General Director at Yihai Kerry (Shanghai) International Trading Co. Ltd, Fang Gang within Kazakh Oilseed Summit: Online Edition on January 21.

He said that China imported 339 thsd tonnes of flaxseed in 2017. The import of the oilseed reached 430 thsd tonnes in 2019. It bought 375 thsd tonnes of flaxseed over 11 months of 2020.

Besides, China increased import of flaxseed oil from 33 thsd tonnes in 2017 to 49 thsd tonnes in 2019. In January-November of 2020, China imported 51 thsd tonnes of the oil.

The geography of external purchases has changed over the reporting period. China imported 80% of total volume of flaxseed from Canada and 20% from Russia in 2017. In 2020, one-third of the overall import arrived from Kazakhstan.

The expert pointed out that China would be able to import large volume of Kazakh flaxseed oil in 2020 but logistical problems at Dostyk station prevented. He supposes that the governments of China and Kazakhstan as well as railway companies of both countries have to deal with the current logistical problems at the border.

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