"KazGrain- 2018", Astana, Kazakhstan
Mar 16, 2018

APK-Inform Agency and AgroIndustria KZ announce the international grain conference "KazGrain 2018", to be held in Astana, on March 16, Radisson Hotel Astana.

Despite the current state policy which focused on diversification of the crops planted areas and reduction of grain areas in favor of oilseed areas, Kazakhstan still continues developing as a significant player on the global wheat market, and comes to the TOP-15 of the global producers, and the TOP-10 of the global exporters. According to APK-Inform Agency, in 2017/18 MY the production of wheat in Kazakhstan totaled 13.9 mln tonnes, which matched with the average figures for 5 recent seasons. It should be noted good qualitative figures of grains of the harvest-2017, which exceeded the same indicators of the previous season, according to the official statistics figures. Therefore, the production of flour with high gluten content will surely increase.

During several recent seasons, there is a clear tendency of growth of grain processing rates. In 2016/17 MY, Kazakhstan produced 3.7 mln tonnes of wheat flour, up 6% compared with the volumes in 2012/13 MY. According to APK-Inform analysts, the production volumes of flour will reach 3.9 mln tonnes, and the export potential of wheat and wheat flour in grain equivalent is estimated at 7.2 mln tonnes.

But taking into account the geographical location of the country and various features of the logistics, countries of Central Asia and Afghanistan traditionally remain the main importers of Kazakh wheat and flour. Also, Turkey remained a fairly stable buyer, which is usually interested in high-quality indicators of the Kazakh grain. During several recent seasons, there was observed a significant increase in wheat supplies to Italy. In 2016/17 MY, the exports of wheat from Kazakhstan to Italy increased in 3.5 times, compared with 2014/15 MY. Also, we should specify China among countries-importers, which during 3 recent seasons increased purchases of Kazakh wheat in 2.4 times, and flour – up 11.5 times.


Despite the statistics figures, which demonstrated rather positive dynamics in the grain segment, Kazakhstan has a number of restrictive factors, which slow down the expansion rates of the export geography of Kazakh grains, and thereby have a negative impact on the general dynamics of the market. So, various logistical troubles, due to the geographical position of the country, and growing competition rates from Russia, which still continues increasing the production and exports of wheat, as well as has a well-developed port infrastructure, became one of the main limiting factors.

However, Kazakhstan has its significant advantages in comparison with other neighboring countries of the Black Sea region, and produces wheat durum and Hi-Pro wheat, as well as has a high potential for organic goods production.

In order to consider the role and position of Kazakhstan in provision of food security in the world, discuss the further prospects for development of the grain segment in the country's agro-industrial sector in conditions of high supply of grains on the world market and growing competition in Black region, as well as highlight the prospective directions for development and modernization of the grain industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the organizers of "KazGrain 2018" invite all Kazakh producers of grains, traders and crop processors, participants of the grain market of Russia and other EAEU and Customs Union countries, grain and flour buyers from the EU and Asian countries, the leading experts and operators of the global grain market, representatives of the agrarian science, companies-suppliers of modern technologies and equipment, as well as representatives of the government and authorities of the country, industrial associations, etc., to become participants of the large-scale grain discussion within frames of the largest grain conference in the Central Asian region.

Key topics:

- Global tendencies of the grain market, impact of economic, weather, geopolitical factors on development of the grain market, and provision of food security

- Development of the Kazakh market of grains and flour in terms of the current global trends

- Key consumers of grains and by-products: features pf consumers, prospects of Kazakh products

- Tendencies in development of the market of pulses: demand of the global market, prospects of Kazakhstan

- Ways to optimize the export potential of Kazakh grains and flour, infrastructural aspects

- Perspective directions of the grain segment development in Kazakhstan: production of organic goods, production of groats, mixed fodder, deep processing of grain crops

Geography of participants: Kazakhstan, Russia, other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, and the CIS countries, the Baltic states, Asia, Europe, China, Iran, Mongolia, etc.

Conference languages: Russian, English.

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