"KazGrain- 2019", Astana, Kazakhstan
Apr 4, 2019

APK-Inform Agency and AgroIndustria KZ announce the second international grain conference "KazGrain 2019", to be held in Nur-Sultan, on April 4-5.

Despite the continuously changing tendencies in the production and exports of Kazakh agricultural products for several recent years, we can draw attention to keeping of the major role of the grain and flour market in the general agro-industrial sector of the country. The agro-climatic conditions of Kazakhstan and rising of the general agro-technological level of production at the expense of domestic investments, contribute to receiving of the harvest of high-quality grain crops, while the external factors — to increasing of the demand for Kazakh products on the global market.

According to the foreign trade dynamics for several recent seasons, it is worth noting some expansion of the sales markets for Kazakh grains. Europe, China, Iran, Turkey and other countries demonstrated the strong demand, which first of all, appeared due to the growth of demand rates for Kazakh products from the reporting countries.  At the same time, it is worth noting the current image of Kazakhstan on the global market as the producer of high-quality products, and not only soft wheat (Tr. Aestivum), but also hard wheat (Tr. Durum), which production and exports started actively increasing in recent years.

As for the prospects of the current 2018/19 MY, the facts and figures look quite impressive.  Despite the reduction of the planted area and difficult weather conditions during the harvesting campaign, APK-Inform Agency estimated the harvest volumes of wheat at 14.8 mln tonnes, which almost comply with the harvest results of last marketing year. The export potential of wheat totals 5.4 mln tonnes, which is the maximum figures for 7 recent seasons (up 4% compared with the previous MY).

As for barley — the second most important grain crop on the Kazakhstan market, in the season-2018/19 its production will reach the record level of 3.7 mln tonnes, and demonstrate the growth of 46% for 5 recent years. Also, the export potential of the grain can reach a new record — 1.4 mln tonnes (up 4% compared with 2017/18 MY).

On the one hand, the grain segment continues developing, and on the other hand, it is actually stagnating, especially the flour market. Transformation of the demand for food products in the Central Asian region — reorientation of buyers from flour imports towards the purchase of raw materials, tariff restrictions on trade, logistics problems and other domestic constraining factor, create various difficulties for Kazakh traders and producers. According to APK-Inform analysts, in 2018/19 MY the export segment of wheat flour will reach somewhat downward trend.

How will the grain season-2018/19 really develop, whether it will meet all expectations of grain traders and processors, whether Kazakhstan will lose its positions on the global market of grains and flour, or strengthen the positions and find new development options — experts and market participants will discuss the reporting topics and otherwise, within frames of the second international conference "KazGrain 2019".

Major topics of 2019:

  • Macroeconomic aspects of formation of the global agricultural market
  • Global market of grains and flour in the season-2018/19: key trends, balances of power. Forecasts for 2019/20 MY
  • Market of durum wheat: trends of 2018/19 MY & prospects of 2019/20 MY
  • Kazakh grain market: analysis of highlights and challenges in a decade
  • Exports of flour products from Kazakhstan: current features, potentials for transformation of the industry
  • Grain and flour trading in the Central Asian region: key trends
  • Innovations and investments in the Kazakh grain industry
  • Effective elevator is a lucrative business

Target audience: producers of grains, traders and crop processors, importers of grains, pulses and flour from the EU and Asian countries, the leading experts and operators of the global grain market, companies-suppliers of high technologies and equipment, as well as representatives of the authorities of the country, industrial associations, etc.

Geography of participants: Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and the CIS, Turkey, China, European countries, etc.

Expected number of delegates — 200+

Here you can become acquainted how the conference KazGrain 2018 developed, and who was among its participants.

Conference languages: Russian, English.

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