Online conference "Kazakhstan Grain Conference 2020: ONLINE EDITION"
Nov 26, 2020

2020 is a year of challenges and major changes, new realities for overall agricultural business and grain segment in particular. Kazakhstan, as one of the leading players on the global market, has also faced the new challenges. The global pandemic of COVID-19, economic crisis, geopolitical developments, governmental reaction and trade regulations, market situation and many other challenged all participants of the grain trade chain.

Possible scenario of Kazakh grain market development in 2020/21 MY, when the supply is high and the prices are high as well; consequences of quarantine restrictions for trade and logistics; market participants actions… The experts will discuss these and many other issues within KAZAKHSTAN GRAIN CONFERENCE 2020: ONLINE EDITION to be held on November 26 on ZOOM platform.

3 dynamic hours online!

We want all of you to get the maximum of useful information about grain sector, and we make the event Free of charge!

Great speakers, currently important presentations as well as insights about future trends exclusively on KAZAKHSTAN GRAIN CONFERENCE 2020: ONLINE EDITION.

Key topics of the conference:

  • Start of 2020/21 MY on Kazakh grain market: first results and challenges;
  • Price trends: growth, despite high production. Who rules the market and when farmers will change their selling strategy?
  • Traditional and promising export destinations for Kazakh grain;
  • Russia and Kazakhstan: partners or competitors on the grain market?
  • Milling VS feed grain: demand formation on the internal and external markets;
  • Prospects of durum wheat market in 2020/21 MY
  • Logistics of Kazakh grain market – limiting or developing factor? Overall analysis of infrastructure and logistics in 2020/21 MY;
  • What will be the risks in the second half of the season? Could we see the new export restrictions?

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