"KazOil 2019", Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
Nov 5, 2019

Kazakhstan: by 2030, the planted areas under oilseeds to increase to almost 5 mln ha — Fat-and-Oil Union of Kazakhstan




On November 5, the President of the Association Fat-and-Oil Union of Kazakhstan, Konstantin Nevzorov during his report within frames of the III international conference KazOil2019, presented the recent estimations of the planted areas and average yield of oilseeds in the period of 2018-2030 in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In particular, by 2030 the planted areas under oilseeds will increase to 4.95 mln ha, against 2.92 mln ha in the current year.

At the same time, the yield indices can grow to 1.39 t/ha, while in 2019 Kazakh agrarians received the yield at no more than 1 t/ha.

The reporting figures will contribute to Kazakh agrarians to harvest nearly 7 mln tonnes by 2030, up more than 2 times compared with the current year production. According to the Association estimations, in 2019 the harvest of oilseeds can reach 2.86 mln tonnes, K.Nevzorov said.

At the same time, by 2030 the number of oil producing plants in the country can increase to 63 (in 2019 — 53 plants), and their workload will reach 75% (52%).

You can become acquainted with the key points of "KazOil 2019" from the conference news line on our website.

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