In September 2017, Kazakhstan exported record volumes of oilseed crops




According to the Customs Control Committee at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in September 2017 the exports of oilseed crops from the country broke a record and reached 45.7 thsd tonnes, an increase of 1.8 times compared with the same period last year.

In the reporting month, China became the leader among importers, and received 11.6 thsd tonnes, or 25% of the general shipped volumes of Kazakh oilseeds.

In particular, flaxseed formed 43% in the export structure (19.8 thsd tonnes), and sunflower seed - 20% (9.2 thsd tonnes). Afghanistan (8.6 thsd tonnes) and Belgium (4.4 thsd tonnes) became the leading importers of Kazakh flaxseed. Also, Kazakhstan supplied the major volumes of sunflower seed to Uzbekistan (5.5 thsd tonnes) and China (2.8 thsd tonnes).

You can receive more detailed information on the oilseed market of Kazakhstan and the world, within frames of the first international conference "KazOil 2017", to be held on November 29 in Astana (Radisson Hotel Astana).