Since 2006, Kazakhstan increased vegetable oils production in 1.5 times - FAO




For 10 recent years, Kazakhstan increased vegetable oils production in 1.5 times, declared the National consultant at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Sayat Shortan during the first international fat-and-oil conference of Kazakhstan "KazOil 2017" on November 29.

At the same time, Kazakh oilseed processors still prefer working with sunflower oil, which production in 2016 increased in more than 1.7 times compared with 2006, to 246.1 thsd tonnes, he specified.

In addition, in the same period the production of rapeseed oil increased in 1.6 times, to 20 thsd tonnes. The production of safflower oil has increased in 3.7 times, but its volumes still were rather small - only 5.3 thsd tonnes in 2016.

But soybean oil production demonstrated a downward trend: from 17.5 thsd tonnes in 2006, to 15.4 thsd tonnes in 2016. But in the current season, soybean processing volumes will somewhat restore, added C.Shortan.

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