By 2021, Kazakhstan to increase the planted areas under oilseeds to 3 mln ha - Ministry of Agriculture




By 2021, Kazakhstan plans to increase the planted areas under oilseed crops to 3 mln ha, within frames of the Programme for development of the agro-industrial complex for 2017-2021 period, declared the Head on technical regulation of the Department of veterinary and phytosanitary security at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Zeinulla Sharipov during the first international fat-and-oil conference of Kazakhstan "KazOil 2017" on November 29.

The exports of oilseed crops and vegetable oils continued steadily growing in terms of stable demand rates. In 2016, Kazakhstan increased the exports of vegetable oils in 1.5 times, compared with 2012, and for nine months of 2017 the production volumes of vegetable oil exceeds the figures of 2016 by 16%, he specified.

According to Z.Sharipov, the fat-and-oil industry has a great potential for the production of competitive and high-quality export-oriented products, and its development is fully dependent on the growth of production of raw materials and the qualitative indices of oilseeds.

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