Kazakhstan increased the planted areas under oilseed crops




During 5 recent years, Kazakhstan increased the planted areas under oilseeds by 9.8% – from 1.854 mln ha, to 2.036 mln ha, and during 10 recent years – up three times, declared the Chairman at the association of legal entities "Grain Union of Kazakhstan", Nurlan Ospanov during the first international fat-and-oil conference of Kazakhstan "KazOil 2017" on November 29.

He specified that North Kazakhstan oblast (25% of the general planted areas), East Kazakhstan oblast (20.4%), Kostanay oblast (13.5%), Akmola oblast (10.8%) and Almaty oblast (7.7%) took the leading positions in the production of oilseed crops in the country. In 2016, the harvest volumes of oilseeds totaled 1.902 mln tonnes.

Despite active works on diversification of the planted areas, incomplete loading of the current production facilities became the main problem of domestic producers, due to non-sufficient provision with raw materials and good export rates of oilseed crops. So, in 2016 Kazakhstan exported 586.3 thsd tonnes of oilseeds, or 30.8% of the general volume of oilseeds produced in the country, the expert said. Also, rather weak competitive rates, caused by high production costs, became the main problem of the planned increasing of raw materials processing and loading of the available capacities.

According to N.Ospanov, reduction of the production costs and increasing of the competitiveness of finished products on the domestic and foreign markets is the main purpose of development of the processing industry. Therefore, the authorities have to create the required conditions for development of crop processing industries, it is necessary to move them to the level of self-sufficient and competitive enterprises in the future.

Also, N.Ospanov summarized that it is necessary to provide raw materials to crop processing enterprises, as well as ensure the sale of finished products.

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