"KazOil 2018", Astana, Kazakhstan
Nov 28, 2018

APK-Inform Agency and AgroIndustria KZ announced the second international fat-and-oil conference of Kazakhstan — "KazOil 2018", to be held on November 28-29 in Astana (Radisson Hotel Astana).

As a reminder, nearly 200 delegates from 17 countries participated in the conference-2017, and almost all participants of the event showed a great interest in further organizing of the annual meetings of representatives of the oilseed business in Astana. Also, various industrial associations of the country supported the initiative.

Kazakhstan continues following its confident course on development of the oilseed industry, and annual increases its production and exports of oilseed crops and by-products.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan, during the spring field works agrarians planted oilseed crops throughout the areas of 2.77 mln ha, an increase of 16% compared with the last year figures.

At the same time, APK-Inform analysts estimated the harvest prospects of the major oilseeds in Kazakhstan in 2018 at the high level: sunflower seed and flaxseed production can break new records — 936 thsd tonnes and 750 thsd tonnes, respectively. In terms of the growth of harvest volumes, in the new season Kazakhstan will increase both exports and domestic processing of oilseeds, which will contribute to the following growth of the number of oil-processing enterprises and modernization of the existing plants. 


The high demand rates from the main importers of both raw materials and its by-products already became one of the main factors of active development of the oilseed sector in Kazakhstan. China is the leader among countries-importers of Kazakh vegetable oils. For 9 months (September-May), China purchased 63 thsd tonnes (55%) of all shipments of the products from the Republic of Kazakhstan. Also, China is the leading importer of sunflower seed (164 thsd tonnes, or 71%, in September-May of 2017/18 MY).

The EU showed the high demand rates for flaxseed of Kazakh origin — in the current season, the supplies in the reporting destination totaled 71% of raw materials (228.1 thsd tonnes). Belgium (155 thsd tonnes) and Poland (49.2 thsd tonnes) were the main countries-importers in the region.

However, in the period of the industry formation the whole chain — from agricultural producers to buyer — brings up a lot of issues, that have its downward pressure on the further development of the industry. Therefore, the open discussion of the most topical issues by professionals related to both market trends and agricultural technological aspects, has a great significance and will assist in keeping the positive trends of the general development of the oilseed industry.


Key topics of the conference-2018:

  • Current condition of the global oilseed market and the development trends in the short and long term
  • Features of the modern market of vegetable oils. Key exporters and sales markets
  • Trends of the oilseed market of China under the influence of the economic and geopolitical factors
  • Russian market of oilseeds and its by-products: positions-2018/19
  • Drivers and headwinds of development of the oilseed market of Kazakhstan
  • Creation of the umbrella brand of sunflower oil QazMaі — extending of the export opportunities
  • Alternative oilseeds: current condition and opportunities for development
  • Agrotechnological base for development of the oilseed industry in Kazakhstan


Expected number of participants — 200+.

Target audience: oilseeds producers, agricultural holdings, associations, crop processing plants (oil extraction plants, fat-and-oil enterprises), companies-exporters and importers of oilseeds and their by-products, suppliers of oilseed storage and processing equipment, material and technical resources (seeds, crop protection products, machinery, fertilizers), logistics companies, analytical agencies, banks, investment funds, government entities, commodity exchanges and brokers, etc.


Conference geography: Kazakhstan, Russia, other countries of the CIS and Eurasian Economic Union, China, Asian and European countries.

Conference languages: Russian, English.

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