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Sep 18, 2019

Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Qazaqstan – sequel of agricultural conference in Central Asia




On November 17-18, 2021, one of the largest agro-industrial conference of Central Asia region – Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Qazaqstan – will take place in Nur-Sultan.

A successful conference Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Tashkent, which was held in Uzbekistan on September and gathered more than 280 representatives of grain, oilseed and neighbor markets of Central Asia, became an incentive for the event in Kazakhstan.

We are sure that Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Qazaqstan will gather even more traders, processors, importers, farmers, logistics specialists, technologists, representatives of financial organizations and other market segments to discuss TOP tasks and prospects, exchange experience, broaden business relations.  

Leading analysts, experts and participants of agro-industrial sectors will highlight the most topical issues of both grain and oilseed world markets and pay an individual attention to production and trade trends of Central Asia, including Kazakhstan, China, Russia, Uzbekistan, etc.

The key topics to discuss will be:  

  • Global trends of grain and oilseed markets in 2021/22 MY: influence of weather, economic and geopolitical factors on market development.
  • Trends of Kazakh oilseed market: results of 2020/21 MY and drivers of the new season.
  • Fat-and-oil industry of Kazakhstan: development prospects under the new realia. Feedstock provision. Will there be growth of vegetable oils production and export?
  • Place of Kazakh flaxseed on the global and domestic markets in 2021/22 MY. Will flaxseed remain the top crop among oilseeds in Kazakhstan?
  • Demand of the key buyers for Kazakh grains and oilseeds in the new season. How the trade flows will distribute under export restrictions and tough balance?
  • Uzbekistan as the leading trade partner of Kazakhstan: how the trade with grain and flour will develop in Central Asia in 2021/22 MY? What are the long-term trends?
  • Traditional and promising export destinations for Kazakh durum wheat in 2021/22 MY.
  • Place of Kazakhstan on Chinese market: will China maintain its demand for Kazakh products?
  • Russia and Kazakhstan: partners or competitors on the grain market? What market participants should expect in the current season?
  • Logistics chains of grain and oilseed export in Central Asia. Will it be possible to avoid “Chinese transport collapse” in the new season?
  • Technological progress as a driver of grain and oilseed markets.


Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Qazaqstan gathers leaders of agricultural sector in the most suitable format – OFFLINE or ONLINE.

Registration is opened!

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