"Middle East Grains&Oils Congress-2019"

Mar 11, 2019

Ukraine: river transport to compete with the traditional methods of grain shipment — Hermes-Trading




For 5 recent years, Ukraine increased the shipment volumes of goods by river transport. In particular, in 2018 the transportation volumes of goods increased by 22.4% — to 9.9 mln tonnes, including 3.1 mln tonnes of grain crops (up 18% y-o-y), declared the Head of commercial department at Hermes-Trading, Mikhail Egorov during his report within frames of the international conference Middle East Grains & Oils Congress in Cairo, Egypt, on March 11.

To date, the share of transportation of agricultural products by river transport totals nearly 7%, which is significantly lower compared with the transportation by rail (73%) and road transport (20%). Ukraine managed to master the potential of river transport at one third only. Generally, the figures can reach 20% with the traffic volumes of 10-12 mln tonnes per year, he said.

According to the speaker, there is every reason to increase the transportation volumes, as the cost of goods shipment by river transport (from domestic elevators to the export terminals) is more profitable in comparison with the cost of transportation by road and rail transport.

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