"Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2018" Ukraine, Kyiv
Nov 6, 2018

SGS Ukraine — Exclusive sponsor of "Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2018"





SGS Ukraine — Ukrainian representative office of the international company SGS Group (founded in France, in 1878) — became the Exclusive sponsor of the seventeenth international conference "Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2018", which to be held on November 6, 2018.

SGS is the global leader in providing of specialized inspection, verification, testing and certification services. To date, the company is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. SGS has more than 95,000 employees, and operates a network of more than 2,400 offices and laboratories around the world. The company`s headquarters are located in Geneva (Switzerland).

For more than 140 years, SGS provides services, which allow customers to monitor the quantity and quality of goods, and comply with all applicable legal requirements of different markets. FE SGS Ukraine provides tests, which enable clients to reduce the risks, shorten time to market, and examine the quality, safety and performance characteristics of products.

The major services of SGS can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Inspection services. Inspection of the quantity and quality of goods during the complete cycle of production and sales.
  2. Laboratory testing. Verification of conformity of the product characteristics to the international, public, industry and other standards in the immediate vicinity or at the territory of the customer. The testing center FE SGS Ukraine is the single laboratory in Ukraine, accredited in accordance with DSTU ISO 17025 NAAS (ILAC), which accreditation sphere covers both the standard physical-chemical tests and testing for environmental compliance indicators, including analysis of the residue levels of pesticides, heavy metals, tests for toxins content, GMOs, dioxins, as well as microbiology testing and determination of phytosanitary indexes of agricultural products.
  3. Certification services. It enables to demonstrate that clients` products, services, and systems are compliant with the standards and regulations, established by the governments, standard authorities, and SGS customers.
  4. Fumigation services. One of the main advantages is usage of only high quality products of the leading global producers, reliable equipment, highly skilled personnel, which greatly impacts at the quality of crop processing, and reduces the risk of difficulties development in terms of the following delivery to the destination country. The company uses the products which were registered and authorized for use in the EU countries.

Also, it should be noted on the department of agro-industrial complex of FE SGS Ukraine. Every year, SGS inspects millions tonnes of various agricultural goods, proposes a wide range of services, meeting all modern requirements of the industry, including integrated service packages developed to meet any individual requirements of the customers. SGS continues constantly extending its knowledge and experience, which allows the company to work not only as a skilled advisor, but also a reliable business partner capable to timely estimate and break down possible risks of its clients. The inspectorial staff of SGS fulfills the tasks, which range continues steadily expanding, and exceeds traditional surveillance and monitoring services. The need and demand of customers in integrated and complex services is constantly growing, therefore FE SGS Ukraine is ready to propose the newest products to reduce the risks and optimize the supply chain.

You can receive more detailed information about the company work, ask questions to its representatives, and become acquainted with the report of SGS experts, by participating in the conference "Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2018", to be held on November 6, in Kyiv (Hilton Kyiv Hotel).

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