"Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2018" Ukraine, Kyiv
Nov 6, 2018

In 2018, Ukraine can export nearly 150 thsd tonnes of organic grains and oilseeds — APK-Inform




According to APK-Inform estimations, in January-August of 2018 Ukraine exported slightly over 100 thsd tonnes of grains, oilseeds and peas with indication of their organic origin, declared the analyst at APK-Inform Agency, Tatyana Druz during her report within frames of the conference "Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2018" in Kyiv, on November 6.

In accordance with the observed shipment dynamics, in the whole calendar year the export volumes of the products will total nearly 150 thsd tonnes, including 115 thsd tonnes of grain products and 35 thsd tonnes of oilseeds, specified T.Druz.

Also, the analyst added that according to the certification body, in 2018 Ukraine canceled the organic certification of several enterprises, which led to some decreasing of the planted areas under organic grain crops, and reduction of the export volumes.

Therefore, there is no point to consider that the reduction of the shipment volumes of organic agricultural products from Ukraine developed, due to declining demand. The global demand for healthy food, as well as organic grains and oilseeds, remains quite high, T.Druz said.

You can become acquainted with more detailed information of the conference "Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2018" from the news line at our web-site.

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