"Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2018" Ukraine, Kyiv
Nov 6, 2018

In 2018/19 MY, Ukraine to strengthen its positions on the global market of oilseed meals — APK-Inform




In terms of the growing global demand for protein products, Ukraine continues strengthening its role in the supply of oilseed meals on the global market. According to APK-Inform forecasts, in 2018/19 MY Ukraine has the good potential to increase the exports of all types of oilseed meals — both sunflower, soybean and rapeseed types, declared the oilseed market analyst at APK-Inform Agency, Julia Ivanitskaya during her report within frames of the conference "Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2018" in Kyiv, on November 6.

First of all, the expected growth of oilseed crops processing capacities in Ukraine and increasing of the global consumption of protein meals are the major factors supporting the upward trend. In the current season, Ukraine can cover 7% of the global exports of three major oilseed meals, and 65% — in the trade of sunflower meal, said the expert.

In particular, in the current season the export volumes of Ukrainian sunflower cake and meal will reach 4.7 mln tonnes (up 11% compared with the figures in 2017/18 MY), rapeseed meal — 180 thsd tonnes (up 2.4%), and soybean meal — 500 thsd tonnes (up 20%). The reporting figures will break new records for Ukraine, forecasted J.Ivanitskaya.

Also, the EU (all types of oilseed meals), China (sunflower meal), Thailand (sunflower meal), Vietnam (all types of meals), Algeria (soybean meal), the CIS (soybean meal) and the Baltic states (rapeseed meal), as well as Israel (rapeseed meal), are the most prospective markets for selling of Ukrainian oilseed meals, the analyst said.

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