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APK-Inform Agency

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Ministry of Agricultural policy of Ukraine

Association "Ukroliyaprom"

National Food Exporters Union

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Delta Wilmar

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APK-Inform Agency invites specialists of the market of oilseeds and by-products to attend the ninth international conference "Fat-and-Oil industry - 2010", to be held on November 24-26, 2010, in Ukraine, Odessa (hotel "Odessa").

Odessa was selected as a venue of the conference not accidentally. Odessa is the main trade center of oilseeds and oils in Ukraine and its atmosphere will give tone to the event and fully help forward the targets.

The history of international conference "Fat-and-oil Industry" has started from 2002. From the beginning of the event, about 2500 delegates from more than 40 countries attended the conference.

The main purpose of the event is a creation the platform for communication of members of the market of oilseeds and by-products that helps to set new business relationship and strengthening existing ones. Besides, the conference opens new possibilities for the analysis of the market situation, determination of prospects of its development, the choice of business strategy.


Target audience: trading companies, large producers of oilseeds, crushers, importers of seeds of oilseeds and by-products, specialists on estimation of qualitative parameters of oilseeds and by-products, engineering companies, investment funds, experts of analytical and consulting agencies, surveyor companies, transport-forwarding companies, brokers, representatives of industrial associations, organizations (governmental and non-governmental) and state departments.


Speakers: representatives of the leading analytical and consulting agencies, state departments, trading companies and surveyor companies.


Expected number of participants: 250-300 delegates from Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries; Baltic States, Europe, Middle East etc.


Dear participants, organizers and guests of the ІХ International Conference Fat-and-Oil Industry-2010

The fat-and-oil industry of Ukraine is one of the most profitable branches of the agro industrial complex of the country, which forms the state budget, has rather essential export potential and continues dynamically developing during the recent ten-year period.

Hundreds of enterses, thousands of workers operate in the technological and marketing production line of oilseeds and by-products: oils, margarine, mayonnaise, mustard, spreads.

During recent five years, the industry has reached noticeable progress level, production volumes of fat-and-oil products essentially grew, and the qualitative parameters started completely satisfying all requirements of domestic consumers, and also opened markets of the near and far abroad countries.

Farmers, producers, businessmen, scientists and politicians are among people, who expended all efforts for reaching of high level of development of the domestic fat-and-oil complex.

It should be mentioned that the annual intentional conference Fat-and-Oil Industry plays an important role in achieving excellent results in the industry, the organization of the conference has already become the tradition. The conference concentrates on the issues of production, processing and exports of oilseeds.

Within the frames of the conference, participants discuss the main moments of functioning of the fat-and-oil market in the current marketing year, foundation of favorable terms for market players, business negotiating, and determine key points of the medium-term prospects and strategies of business development.

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine always supports the important branch event, and hopes that the present meeting of specialists of the fat-and-oil industry will again become the ground for appearance of new ideas, new positive steps of the further development of the industry, and widen levels of cooperation of the domestic enterprises with colleagues from other countries.

I wish to all participants, organizers and guests of the Conference to reach progress, new professional victories and fruitful constructive work!

Nikolay Prysiaghniuk

Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine

Dear Colleagues, participants and organizers of the ІХ International Conference "Fat and Oil Industry - 2010"!

The present conference, which has already became the traditional event, is the high-profile event of the year for all workers of the fat-and-oil complex.

The fat-and-oil complex of Ukraine is the singular sector of the agrarian production, which has the established the balance of economic interests of the Government, agricultural and processing spheres of fat-and-oil production and interests of the domestic consumer, due to imposition of the economical measures of market regulation.

Due to the effective protectionist policy of the Government, the fat-and-oil industry rather rapidly passed the crisis conditions, which the industry faced in 1997-1998 period. Annually, the country increases production of oilseeds, and enlarges the oilseed processing capacities: as of the beginning of 2010/11 МY the processing indices reached the level of 9.6 mln tonnes per year.

The outrunning growth of the processing capacities in Ukraine predetermines the severe competition between oilseed processing enterprises on the domestic market of oisleeds, and presents as the strengthening factor of the level of purchasing prices for oilseeds.

The requirements of the domestic market in oilseed products are also completely satisfied. The geography of sales of vegetable oils of Ukrainian origin continues constantly widening. The countries on the European Union, the Near East, North Africa, Asia and the CIS became the main consumers of the products on the world market. Ukraine exports sunflower oil to 88 countries of the world. In 2009/10 МY, India and Egypt became the largest importers of Ukrainian sunflower oil, for the first time, China started importing the product.

I am confident that the ІХ international Conference "Fat-and-Oil Industry -2010" will provide the excellent opportunity to the participants not only to review the issue of the present situation on the market and key tendencies of development of the fat-and-oil complex, but also assist to establish professional relationships between specialists of fat-and-oil enterprises, trading companies, scientifically-research institutions, producers of technical equipment and package for the fat-and-oil industry.

S.P. Kapshuk

General Director of the Association "Ukroliyaprom"

Dear participants and guests of the IX International conference "Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2010"!

On behalf of the entire team of the transshipment and processing complex for tropic oils "Delta Wilmar CIS", I greet you at the IX International conference "Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2010".

To date, fat-and-oil enterprises have one of the largest opportunities and prospects of development. Direct opinions exchange and acquaintance with the world experience allow the conference participants to work out forecasts of the business development, correct a leader's strategy on the vegetable oils market.

Traditionally, in Ukraine food is cooked on the basis of sunflower oil usage, however recently, the situation in the fat-and-oil industry has started to change. To date, production of margarine products started actively using tropic oils, especially palm oil and fractions, instead of sunflower oil. Usage of more economically effective tropic oils compared to sunflower oil enables margarine plants to produce the commodities, which are competitive at price and qualitative indices. Production of confectionery fats and fats for cooking of chips, snacks, which are especially required by fast food restaurants, is also considered as one of the most prospective directions for tropic oils consumption.

The complex for transshipment, transportation and processing of crude vegetable oils of the company "Delta Wilmar CIS" in the town Yuzhny also makes own contribution to the stable development of the fat-and-oil industry of Ukraine, establishes the up-to-date technologies, increases money inflows to the budget of the region and the country, develops the active partnership relations with various enterprises of Ukraine, the CIS and EU countries.

I wish fruitful constructive and creative work for benefit and prosperity of the economy of Ukraine and Ukrainian people to all the participants of the IX International conference "Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2010".

Vivek Pathak

Trading Director Delta Wilmar CIS



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